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Taliban and govt teams will meet soon: Prof Ibrahim


Taliban committee member Professor Ibrahim on Sunday said the Taliban committee to meet the government team in a few days.
Talking to a private TV channel, he said that the date of the long-awaited meeting has not been finalized so far. The Jamaat-e-Islami senator said he was not in direct contact with the Taliban leadership for a long time.
Despite refusing to extend the ceasefire, the Taliban interlocutor said, the Taliban were open to talks. Ibrahim said the reservations of the Taliban would be presented before the government. He also said that for the success of the dialogue, an extension in the ceasefire was necessary. He said that efforts were being made to contact the Taliban and convince them for a ceasefire but the process was facing hurdles.
He said a number of complaints from the Taliban had come forward via the media, adding that the concerns should be addressed. He said that contacts should continue between the two sides.

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  1. Abbas Ali said:

    so the prof of terrorism has once again come to fool the good people of pakistan and also to justify that his bank account gets credited as per his verbal contract with the govt and the terrorist organisation.He will not rest till the terrorists demands of "peace zone", release of hardcore terrorists under the guise of non-combatant prisoners and other demands, which are not yet made public, are met in full.The way to deal with them is to obliterate these scum of the earth,however long it takes as was done by Sri Lanka and other civilised countries.What is the point of having an army that cannot deal with comparatively such minor bunch of terrorists?Will your third rate army be able to deal with external threats? What message are you sending out to enemies of state?chaudry is a weak minister in charge of these negotiations, he must be replaced to get things moving.

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