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Govt seeks army’s help against polio


The government has sought help from the Pakistan Army in making the anti-polio campaign a success.
According to ISPR, a meeting was held at GHQ to coordinate details of the campaign with particular emphasis on security and access to affected areas. Representatives from WHO, the federal and KP governments and FATA Secretariat attended the meeting. The forum was appraised about the current polio situation in the country and challenges being faced for smooth conduct of polio campaign. The forum also expressed the urgency for polio eradication initiative. The participants emphasised the need to take measures to make Pakistan a polio-free country.
Pakistan may face international travelling ban due to highest number of polio cases worldwide and is one of the three countries where polio is still categorised as an endemic viral infection. The polio eradication in Pakistan faces security challenges thus demanding Whole of Nation Approach.

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