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Multiple explosions rock Karachi, other Sindh cities

Two crackers target rail tracks in Jamshoro, third strikes in heart of Hyderabad city

A number of small intensity bombs exploded at multiple locations in Sindh on Tuesday evening within a span of three hours.

In the first attack, a cracker exploded in the up-market neighbourhood of Zamzama of Karachi. The attack caused panic in the area and forced shops to close. No one was hurt in the incident. The attack happened soon after the first female Station House Officer (SHO) Ghazala Javed took charge of her office. DIG Abdul Khaliq Shaikh said that the blast was most probably from a hand grenade.

A short while later, a bomb explosion was reported at a store in Buffer Zone in Karachi where a child was reported to have been injured.

A low-intensity improvised explosive device went off near Perfume Chowk in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. The explosion damaged a car.


A number of bombs went off at numerous locations in Sindh, including five in Hyderabad in just 15 minutes.

The blasts were reported on up-country railway tracks in Sehrish Nagar, Qasimabad taluka and Khursheed Colony of Kotri in Jamshoro district.

The third blast took place in the heart of Hyderabad i.e. outside Radio Pakistan building on Meeran Mohammad Shah road within the jurisdiction of Cantonment police station. However, no loss of life was reported.

Maqsood Qureshi, younger brother of late Bashir Qureshi of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), Salman Wadhu and others were found dead in mysterious circumstances as their charred bodies were recovered in their burnt car in Naushahro Feroze district on March 21 ahead of JSQM’s planned freedom March in Karachi on March 23 – the day when Lahore Resolution (later renamed as Pakistan resolution) was passed.

The JSMM led by Shafi Burfat – who once used to be part of JSQM – has been opposing Protection of Pakistan Ordnance which was presented as a bill and passed amid rowdy scenes in the lower house of parliament on Monday.

Railway authorities have confirmed that two blasts occurred on their up-country railway track at two different sections between Karachi-Hyderabad railway stations.

Separately, unidentified armed persons resorted to firing in Hirabad area within the jurisdiction of Market police station but no one was hurt.

“Explosions are reported on up country tracks. We have been given clearance for section 169 track between Bholari and Kotri but we are awaiting one from Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) personnel for 178 section location before we move trains for their destination,” said a railway official from Karachi over the phone.

The trains which are halted included Karachi bound Awam and Hazara Expresses, halted at Hyderabad railway station while Rawalpindi bound Tezgam had to be stopped at Kotri railway station as passengers faced inconvenience.

No major damage was caused to the railway tracks.

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  1. Cyber Hindu said:

    The blast occurred presumably due to a bomb planted in a fruit/vegetable crate… This is the final time for the Federal Government to instal security scanners are at all important public places in the major cities of Pakistan. This critical project has been lingering on for the past 12 years ever since the former dictator decided to jump into USA's war. The war has killed 60,000 Pakistanis so far and inflicted loss of US$100 Billion to Pakistan's economy.

    The entire Pakistani nation stands behind Pakistan Protection Ordinance (baring a few pol parties running their militant wings) to pre-empty and prevent such terror strikes.

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