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PMNH becomes source of informal education


The Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) has captured attention as source of informal education and during last two months, more than 6,615 scientists and students, 3,275 general public and 54 foreigners visited the museum.
The life-size model of Balochitherium,70 feet long skeleton of Blue Whale, 42 feet long stuffed sample of whale shark and the rich respositories of animals plants, rocks, minerals and fossils specimens of PMNH have caught the attention of people.
“The museums throughout the world are playing an important role in public education through research, exhibits, lectures, film shows, club activities, competitions and many such other programmes,” an official of Museum said.
Nowadays education through museums is being regarded as of indispensable importance, he said, adding in line with its functions, PMNH is striving for promotion of informal education through different means, mainly the visits of school and college students to the Museum Display Galleries.
Additions of new displays are one of PMNH objectives for attraction of visitors and education of public, he said.
“This discovery of largest land mammal has greatly increased the geological significance of our country for research in the field of paleontology and has made Pakistan known to geo-scientists and biologists all over the world”.
Scientists of PMNH have explored nearly all regions of country, including the barren and rocky area of Balochistan for the collection of rocks, minerals, fossils and plants and animal life.
Massive collection of these specimens can be seen in the repositories of the museum which is now passing through the process of digitisation and it will be possible to mark these species according to their geographic locations after the process of digitization.
“Launching of commentary equipment at PMNH is a pilot project, and later this facility will also be replicated in other museums of Pakistan”, he said.
“UNESCO Pakistan has generously lent a big hand to strengthen PMNH through support for updating the Virtual Gallery for visitors, and contribution of Rs 750,000 for displaying the Whale Shark Skin.”

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