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Veena’s anti-India tweet gets social media crazy FOR NO REASON


The newly-married Pakistani celebrity Veena Malik refuted the media reports of tweeting anti-India sentiments on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, the social media reacted strongly to reports of Veena tweeting anti-India sentiments on her twitter account @iVeenaMalik.

The account first retweeted about a German student who was allegedly molested by rickshaw drivers in Lajpat Nagar, a suburb of South Delhi in India.

The retweet was followed by another tweet, ‘India sucks…..!!!’

The social media reacted strongly to the event while some termed it a publicity stunt.

However, Veena denied that the tweets were made by her.

Tweeting on her new account, @iVeenaKhan, the actress made it clear that the account from where the comment was tweeted was hacked, as reported by the media earlier on January 5.

Veena’s former Digital Manager Prashant Singh was alleged to have hacked the actress’s account and posted her personal pictures.

The account may have been hacked but it sure got the lady under media’s attention once again.

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