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Mush has a special date today

Court sticks to appearance order; former president likely to be indicted today if he shows up in court

Former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf is likely to be indicted in the high treason case against him today (Friday) if he decides to show up at the proceedings on the orders of the special court.

On Thursday, the special court headed by Justice Faisal Arab adjourned until Friday the hearing of three petitions filed by Musharraf as his defence counsel was “ill because of food poisoning”.

Defence counsel Anwar Mansoor told the court that he would not be able to give arguments in the petitions due to food poisoning therefore the hearing of the case be adjourned for the day.

Justice Faisal Arab remarked, “Defence counsels can give arguments on the petitions moved by the accused whenever they will and they will not be forced in this respect. However proceedings of the case will continue. The order for production of Pervez Musharraf in the court holds good.”

In the petitions, Musharraf had sought permission to travel abroad to attend to his ailing mother, adjournment of the case for an indefinite period, inclusion of other personalities in the investigation of the case who abetted him in the November 3, 2007 steps and against the appointment of prosecutor Akram Sheikh.


Officials of the Interior Ministry and an intelligence agency briefed the special court about life threats to Musharraf in a special in-camera session at the Sindh House.

Sources said that the officials told the court that they had intimated the authorities concerned immediately after intercepting communications indicating a conspiracy to assassinate the former president. They denied that the revelation was deliberately timed with Musharraf’s scheduled appearance in court.


Around 2,500 security personnel will be deployed on the former president’s route if he decides to go to court today.

Sources said that the security agencies have planned three different security layers and three different routes for Musharraf, adding that around 200 scrutinized security personals will be deployed in the first security layer.

They said the second layer would be comprise Rangers while the third layer would be of Islamabad police personnel.

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    To refer to a former President and COAS as "Mush" who risked his life in wars against India for the protection of scum bags like the reporter of this article is down right shameful and shows total disrespect. More importantly it shows the kind of back ground the reporter comes from where no one has taught him to extend courtesy and respect to people who have defended you so you live and have the right of expression. What a shame.

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