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Aslam’s son will follow in his footsteps, says widow

“I will make my son just like his father. I am proud to be a widow of a martyr,” slain officer Chaudhry Aslam’s wife Noreen Aslam has said.

“He never once succumbed to threats, never talked of backing out. If he wanted to, he would have done so after the attack at our house. Instead, he would always say, ‘On the day I’m destined to die, no one will be able to save me. And on the day I’m not, no one can kill me,’” she said about her husband.

Noreen further said that the bomb-proof car had gone for repairs for two to three days and that was why her husband had taken the other car yesterday. She said she and her children will never leave Karachi.

She demanded full investigation of the case and immediate arrest of the criminals. “My husband hunted murderers, it’s now the government’s responsibility to trace his killers,” she said.

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