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Veena Malik’s ex-lover claims she was pregnant with his child!

In a shocking twist to Veena Malik’s blissful marriage with businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak, her ex-boyfriend Prashant Pratap Singh has claimed that she was pregnant with his child. He also alleged that Veena went to Dubai and got married without informing him.

Veena Malik’s alleged ex-boyfriend Prashant Pratap Singh has accused the hot actress of cheating on him. He says that she went to Dubai and got married while they were still in a serious live-in relationship! What’s more, to complicate things further, Prashant claimed that Veena was pregnant with his child, but had to opt for abortion since they were not ready to take on such a huge responsibility at that point.

Prashant, who has filed a report in a Mumbai police station against Veena Malik for receiving threatening calls from her, said that the actress threatened him by saying that she will file molestation and rape charges against him if he revealed anything about their live-in relationship to the media. Well, all this sounds rather strange, considering that Veena Malik had referred to Prashant as a gay who worked for her in her digital arm. It seems she paid him only Rs 10,000! Speaking about Veena Malik’s ‘so-called abortion,’ Prashant said that they discovered that Veena was pregnant with his child on May 10, 2012, but decided to terminate the pregnancy soon after she attended the mahurat of her Kannada film Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga. Speaking about the allegation, Veena Malik retorted, “Now there is this guy (Prashant Pratap Singh) claiming to be my live-in partner. My husband laughed the loudest when we heard about this alleged skeleton in my cupboard.” Well… now all this is becoming increasingly filthy! So, let’s just stop here, what say guys?

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  1. pakone said:

    lol – i bet she doesn’t even know who impregnated her! lost count after a 100..

    • Fashion Geek said:

      hahaha. I agree with you!

      Well, she is our controversy queen! She just cannot live without any allegations going around her.

  2. Rizwan said:

    Give Veena a break …………..let her live a happy life .

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