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Foreign affairs adviser to PM warns India, Iran

Prime Minister’s adviser on Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz warned India and Iran from supporting particular groups in Afghanistan while addressing a conference organized by the South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) on Saturday.

Aziz stated that Pakistan does not object to neighbors providing  financial or military training assistance to Afghanistan and stressed a sustainable involvement of the international community for restoration and development of Afghanistan.

“But Iran and India should refrain from supporting a particular group in the war torn country,” he added.

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  1. Procivic said:

    It's grossly hypocritical for Pakistan to make such statements when the current woes of the Afghan people can be traced back to the role Islamabad played in in creating the Taliban by funneling Saudi money and U.S. weapons to "particular groups". The short-term gains for Arab handouts and American promises have come to roost on the streets of Pakistan where daily bombs and butchery no longer makes headlines.

  2. pakiindi said:

    Pakistan needs to understand that other nations do not necessarily do all those things that Pakistan has been foolishly doing in the past. The others know much smarter ways than us to advance their interests. That is why all our conspiracies always fail, and all those of our enemies always succeed.

  3. nm bangash said:

    establishment and bureaucrats has learned lesson from past. i think now they have come on straight path.

  4. Shariq Iqbal said:

    Mr Sartaj Aziz is absolutely right,I for one clearly sees an India-Iran axis emerging for Afghanistan,supported by US
    Itt must be worth mentioning,that Iran/India supported the old Northern Alliance,and which US put in charge of Afghanistan ,after the fall of Taliban,thus perpetuating the civil war

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