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Adiala Jail: Report says 11 died in 2013

As many as 11 inmates died and many were injured in Central Jail Adiala during the current year due to violent behaviour of the administration, maltreatment, scarcity of medical facilities and lack of proper check and balance, says Global Foundation, a human rights organisation.
According to the report, many inmates have tried to commit suicide due to maltreatment and violence of the jail administration, while no medical officer or paramedical staff is appointed in the hospital of the jail.
The Global Foundation said the total capacity of the jail is 1996 inmates, but 5400 prisoners, including 3843 detainees are present in eight barracks and three special cells of the jail. Similarly, 174 female prisoners and 63 kids are also locked up in two women wards; 185 women, 162 children are present in one ward and two special cells and 21 mentally challenged inmates are imprisoned in a separate cell.
Executive director of Global, Ulfat Kazmi said that several incidents of violence and maltreatment were kept unreported during the current year in which many inmates were injured, while 11 prisoners died due to the administration’s violence.
The report said that those who died in the jail included Raja Orangzaib who died on January 14, Dilawar Hussain who died on January 20, Ansar who died on February 1, Muhammad Yaqub who died on February 23, Khurram Shahzad who died on February 24, Ghulam Muhammad who died on August 22, Mujahid Rasul who died on August 23, Farmanullah who died on November 5, Wasim Ahmed who died on October 6 and Muhammad Aslam who died on December 2.

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