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Senators want better governance to control price hike

Senators on Thursday urged the government to improve the governance to control price hike in the country.
Speaking on a motion moved by Senator Raza Rabbani, the members highlighted the problems of masses in wake of hike in power and gas tariff and increase in petroleum prices in recent past.
They also laid emphasis on putting in place a price-control mechanism as well as curbing corruption, hoarding and black marketing ensuring minimising the role of the middlemen who had become source of exploitation for the growers and consumers.
Opening discussion on this continued motion, Senator Kulsoom Perveen said the middle was the actual beneficiary in the prevalent system who exploits both the consumer and the grower.
She proposed to control the power and gas pilferage through the organisations concerned and not to involve the FIA and police.
“Let us have a mechanism where the controlling department identify the theft cases and take an action,” she said.
Parveen extended support to the government in controlling price hike and asked to formulate policies and bring them to parliament prior to implementation.
Senator Abdul Rauf Khan said poor people are suffering due to price hike and there is need for evolving an effective pricing mechanism. He urged the government to improve governance and regretted that in remote areas people could not afford two meals a day.
Senator Ilyas Bilour regretted increase in petroleum prices contrary to decreasing prices in international market.
He mentioned to increase in dollar exchange rate vis-a-vis Pak rupee as well as gap in exports and imports. “This needs a proper government policy to strengthen our reserves and provide relief to people.
Senator Saeed Mandokhel voiced to improve law and order situation and review foreign policy to better the trade volume and bring in more investment for economic revival and control on prices.
He assured support if the government brings tax reforms bill and stabilise public finance and emphasized on transparent privatization process and speedy justice to people.
Mohsin Khan Leghari demanded an action against hoarding, black marketing and smuggling of good that result in price hike and proposed to control the petroleum prices through good governance.
He specifically mentioned to prices of tomato and potato and said, the action should focus on providing relief to the poor.
Senator Hassed Khan demanded that the government should announce industrial policy at the earliest and tighten noose around the corrupt and those involved in illegal activities. He suggested the government to improve governance, relief for the poor and tighten belt to meet the challenge emanating from upcoming industrial federation of India, Iran and Afghanistan under the umbrella of the United States.
Later, Deputy Chairman Sabir Baloch adjourned the House to meet again on Friday (today) at 1030hours.

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