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Senate debates motion on price-hike

The senators spent two hours discussing the recent price hikes of petroleum products, gas, electricity and other essential items during the third sitting of the 99th session on Wednesday.
The debate on the price hike started after the senate chairman admitted a motion to debate the increase in prices of different commodities. eight members, including three of PPP, two independent and one member each of ANP, MQM and PML-N took part in the two-hour debate.
The chairman presided over an hour and a half of the sitting after which the deputy chairman took over the remaining part of the proceedings. The prime minister and leader of the opposition were also present throughout the sitting.
Besides discussion on price hike, low interest of senators was observed as 23 senators were present at the outset, 25 at the adjournment and a maximum 38 at a point during the sitting.

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