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Perspective on Pakistani politics (II)

Imran Khan vs the rest


We know it is the same Imran Khan who began his journey to fame by challenging the commonly held notions through hard work, faith and utmost dedication.

He was told he could never be a fast bowler due to physical issues, yet the world witnessed the greatness he achieved. Pakistan were deemed not to have even an outside chance at the crown jewel of cricket mid-way into the 1992 Cricket World Cup but he led the team like cornered tigers and succeeded in fetching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Another milestone was achieved for Pakistan when Khan was once again told about another impossibility: this time the leading medical experts opined that a cancer hospital with mostly free services was not feasible in even the USA let alone in Pakistan. Yet today we all know about the glorious standards and services emanating from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCHRC) which has won several excellence awards servicing about 75% of its patients for free.

Imran Khan then focused his attention on the much neglected area of education. He dreamed of creating a world standard institute, ultimately transforming it into a knowledge city where education and degrees of international standards would be conferred upon students. Further, he, as usual, wanted the doors of this opportunity to be open for those less fortunate segments of our society who could not afford such a dream otherwise. That is why Namal College, the only college in Pakistan to offer a foreign degree, came into being. As Chancellor of Bradford University (UK), Khan set up links between it and Namal College. As with SKMCHRC, deserving students are provided with free education. Namal is on its way to becoming the first education city of Pakistan in one of the least-developed parts of the country.

After delivering in fields ranging from sports, to health, to education, there was still a sense of un-fulfilment resulting from a caring heart disturbed at the massive miseries of a nation in the clutches of ruthless rulers feasting on its resources. It was then that Imran Khan realised that he could not bring the kind of positive change in the lives of ordinary Pakistanis that he dreamed of. But politics was an ultimate challenge for an honest and non-corrupt person, facing the traditional linchpins; the adherents of Machiavelli who would go to any extent to save their fiefdoms built on the carnage of human misery. But Khan has never backed off in the face of adversity. And so began the journey of change via PTI.

The relentless efforts of a struggle spanning 17 years is a tale of utmost commitment, dedication and perseverance in the face of stiff resistance by forces opposed to change.

First time in the history of not only Pakistan but entire South Asian region, proper and large scale intra-party elections were held as per true democratic norms. This was unprecedented and a slap on the faces of traditional parties who continue to act as family limited companies.

The way Imran Khan galvanised youth is unprecedented in Pakistan. It ensured that other parties realised the importance of youth and started projects to entice youth, the credit for which ultimately goes to Imran. He made the youth realise their own importance and how they needed to take matters in their own hands to change the destiny of Pakistan. Indifference was no longer a feasible option.

The infamous “tsunami” hit the overseas Pakistanis much before it arrived in Pakistan. Having firsthand experienced the facilities offered by welfare states, the rights given and the liberties offered, they were the first to affirm Imran’s message of change for a better Pakistan. They worked day and night for the cause. For the first time a political party in Pakistan had a base of paid members. Donations of millions of dollars poured in from all over the world. This was all evident of the faith the brightest and the most affluent of Pakistan’s children have in Imran Khan.

Some people criticise some mistakes he made and Imran Khan has shown the courage to openly accept when there is one, another sign of great leadership. With survival of status quo at stake, local, regional as well as international players have invested heavily in the media. If we follow the money trail it becomes obvious that the disproportionate and often distorted criticism of Imran Khan is at the behest of these vested interests.

Despite any drawbacks in PTI, for no human is perfect, even the worst of his critics agree that he is still the best available option for Pakistan. He is the only one politician who gave Pakistan a lot and even sacrificed his own family life for that. Above all, Imran Khan gave hope and self-respect to a disillusioned nation and politically motivated those, especially the youth, who were indifferent to the process defining their nation’s future.

Imran Khan’s stance on drones and war on terror has remained unchanged. When the USA hit the peace dialogues with another drone, despite being in KP government, Khan stood up for his promises and stance. He refused to compromise, whatever be the cost. A historic public gathering marked the beginning of protests and sit-ins to block supply to NATO via KP, sending out a very strong message to the USA to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty. However, the PML-N’s response was incongruous. Instead of standing by their stance during the election campaign and the last few years, albeit developed following the lead of Imran Khan, they took a U-turn and opposed his brave move. One can be forgiven for confusing PML-N with PPP as it put forward the exact arguments the PPP used to and which the PML-N had opposed vehemently before coming into power.

Let us rise above any prejudices and self-interests and ask ourselves whether any other politician, except Imran Khan, has given so much to Pakistan in terms of fame, recognition, social work, awareness, self-respect and hope. Is there any other politician who has done even a fraction of what Imran has done for this nation without being in power? Is there any other leader whose honesty, courage and positive intent are beyond doubt? Is there any current political leader who has even sacrificed his family life for Pakistan?

If your answer is, as any neutral answer will be, that there is no such politician except Imran Khan, then it is high time that we unify to strengthen his hands and work together to make our Pakistan better under his leadership.


Omer Zaheer Meer is an Economist who is also a qualified chartered accountant, financial analyst and anti-money laundering expert. He can be reached on Twitter @OmerZaheerMeer, or on mail at: [email protected]

Omer Zaheer Meer

The writer is Director of the think-tank “Millat Thinkers’ Forum”. He is a leading economist, a qualified chartered accountant and anti-money laundering expert with international exposure who is helping reshape businesses at Millennium Law Company. He can be reached on Twitter @OmerZaheerMeer or [email protected]


  1. A Hakim said:

    Every word Omer Zaheer Meer has written about Imran Khan is true sincere and absolutely honest. His commitment dedication and single-mindedness to make a change for the better and improve the lot of his people is beyond question. It was so shocking to read a comment by the so-called leader of the human-rights in Pakistan(a dollar scrounger) calling Imran Khan "an opportunist".How shabby and shoddy you can get.As far as I am concerned by organising and creating awareness among the Pakistani youth Imran Khan has done his job constructing a clean slick and a motivated youthful party.Their leader has now called them to come out once again
    in Lahore and show their worth. Pakistan has unlimited resources and a dedicated motivated youth we are sure to see the emergence of a better Pakistan Good luck God bless

  2. Hassan said:

    All the tales mentioned above are of the times long gone! At least 17 years ago, since Imran entered in PTI. Even Shaukat Khanam Hospital has disowned IK and his politics which the write conveniently failed to mention.

    The write also failed to mention Imran's stance on Taliban or Army shaheed? No one in PTI or otherwise can say for sure! Also, everyone knows IK has not met or attended any of the funerals of our Army jawans who lost their lives fighting Taliban neither has Imran ever visited the homes of even one of these jawans let alone show condolences for many civilians who lost their lives in Taliban attacks in public places.

    What we do know about Imran is that he visited Waziristan to win support of Talibans and he only protests whenever a Taliban is killed.

    Interesting isn't it? Consider now, somewhere along the lines Imran lost his heroism to Talibans.

    • Shafquat said:

      You are WRONG. Imran went o maj gen martry in taliban attack at his home besides others.

      sk is a hospital not pol party. Imran is still its biggest donor and chairman.

      For godsake stop lying and RESEARCH facts.

    • oBSERVER said:

      You are a disgrace to this name.Change it to Mir Jaffar.

  3. Shafquat said:

    Great column. Will inspire people bogged down by media attacks and lies.

  4. Nouman Kh said:

    I read the last one and felt touched. I wish our media people will have integrity like the writer.

    God bless you.

  5. sahmed said:

    Imran khan is the only leader with no corruption record and also who has declared his assetts for general public and who pays all taxes. Same cannot be said about Nawaz Sharif and his beloved brother. These brothers were deeply involved in money laundering and not paying billions of ruppees of loans taken from national banks. Furthermore they win elections by rigging. On the other hand , Imran khan is a born leader and he knows how to lead and get the best out of people. Next time please vote for PTI and give him a chance.

  6. Terrorist Altaf said:

    Good article. imran is only leader with guts to face terrorist altaf hussain

    • oBSERVER said:


    • Mukhtar H said:

      I've met him & think he is their central leader but he is also a leading professional at our tax bar.

      In any case I do not agree with you. I think his column was based on facts & substance.

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