Drone attacks could stop if Pakistan wants: US Congressman - Pakistan Today

Drone attacks could stop if Pakistan wants: US Congressman

US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee member Congressman Alan Grayson has said that drone strikes in Pakistan could stop tomorrow if the country intended to do so, BBC Urdu reported.

“Had Pakistan wanted and stopped facilitating the US strikes, drone attacks on its territory could end tomorrow,” he said.

Moreover, he said Pakistan’s armed forces were capable of tackling militants and that in such a situation the US should not have blood on its hands.

He added that there were only a handful of militants in the country, whose numbers hardly ran into hundreds, whereas the strength of Pakistan’s military was more than a million.

Grayson was of the view that heirs of the innocent victims of drone attacks should receive compensation from the US.

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  1. sacha said:

    Pakidtani kaafirs dollar gulams traitors dashtgards may curses of allah be upon nightclubs dalaals..

  2. hifsa said:

    Plz stop drown attack and just think thy are not others children thy are urs….. the people who victim by drown thy are ur brothers. Plz

  3. shinwari said:

    how could that be possible, of having 100000 Pakistani army and still these people exists and strikes in Afghanistan,
    which retaliating with drones attacks.

    waziristan is no go area,stories heard which are sensor ed by generals.

    how is possible, having 100000 deployed army , and still these wanted people are there,
    if nothing such as there ,who were then they scared of not letting imran khan to wazirstan ,why not let the media and people to see ,why
    you know strategic debth
    for whom
    for genrals

  4. shinwari said:

    pak army should be taken out and civilian w rit should be restored
    stop this game more
    send them to barracks
    no foreign hand are involved if yes bring it to media

  5. sattar rind said:

    I do not think drones would stopped until and unless USA is not fullfilling its target.

  6. Ibrahim Muhammad Janjuarajput said:

    You need not enemies when you have friend like Uncle Sam. It's crystal clear and also you need not enemies of the people of Islamic republic of Pakistan when you have elite ruling Pakistan Since 60 years. I do not blame Armed Forces but few influencial General are blamed to be as enemies of the people serving their masters as usual and at the end they use to write "Friends not masters when their own game is finished".

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