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People hold on to your goats! Waar coming this Eid

After consistent delays, it appears that “Waar”, an action-drama directed by Bilal Lashari will finally see the light of day sooner, than later. According to a press release from ARY Films and Mandviwalla Entertainment the release date has finally been announced for Eid al-Adha. Described as “Pakistan’s biggest budgeted”, at USD $2million “Waar”, releasing under Mind Works Media banner, written and produced by Dr. Hassan Waqas Rana, stars Shaan Shahid as a dejected elite who may be Pakistan’s last line of defense against the deadly mercenary played by Shamoon Abbasi. The movie is Mr. Lashari’s directorial debut and stars Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aisha Khan, Ali Azmat, Misha Shafi, Kamaran Lashari and Nadeem Abbas Rana.
In the press release, Mr. Lashari said,
I am a perfectionist by nature and have been fine-tuning several aspects of the movie to make it a truly worth watching experience for the audience.
My team and I have put our tears, blood and sweat in this movie to create a masterpiece and an entertaining piece of art. We have raised the bar of everything in this movie from cinematography to shooting to aesthetics and we hope that the audience will enjoy watching this movie just as much as we enjoyed making it”.
Nadeem M. Mandviwalla of Mandviwalla Entertainment, the co-distributor and exhibitor of the movie states, “It is heartening to see people like Dr. Hassan Rana and Bilal Lashari showing interest in making films and doing a commendable job in raising the bar for Pakistani film industry.”

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  1. tedgodwin said:

    This film is the best film I have ever seen out of Pakistan in my entire life! What an amazing accomplishment. I highly recommend everyone seeing this film, it's going to be great.

  2. Mureed e Pak said:

    promote this amazing movie in favour of our jawans 🙂 .. waar with kharjis dogs of hell ttp and bla snakes !! ALLAH o AKbar !

  3. Aamir said:

    why everything india des pakistan try harder but be distant second i would stop competing and take it oeay not everything best out of Pakistan as if Pakista in near future is going to produce the m best of all worl for the first time and on yf rom pakistan…india will be first dont even compare in movies cricket population poverty defence women education number of young students in college you name it

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