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PIA carries 40,300 Hajis in 100 flights

The Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has so far operated 100 pre-Haj flights and carried around 40,300 intending Haj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia with on-time flight departures and arrivals, said a PIA spokesman on Sunday.

According to the spokesman, on the 21st day of the pre-Haj operation, the PIA operated five Haj flights, carrying around 2,000 pilgrims.

On Sunday, PIA flight from Islamabad PK 2139 carried 503 pilgrims, from Peshawar, PK 2639 carried 329 pilgrims and PK 2041 carried 329 pilgrims, from Sialkot, PK 2339 carried 502 passengers and from Quetta, PK 2741 carried 318 intending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

The PIA has operated 10 Haj flights from Karachi with 4,409 intending pilgrims, 9 flights from Lahore with 4,457 pilgrims, 15 flights from Islamabad with 7,321 pilgrims; 32 flights from Peshawar with 10,749 pilgrims, 19 flights from Quetta carrying 6,219, 12 flights from Multan carrying 6,020 and two flights from Sialkot carrying 1,004 intending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

Five pre-Haj flights are scheduled for today, including two from Peshawar, two from Quetta and one from Sialkot, said the PIA spokesperson.

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  1. Rizwan said:

    The Management of PIA are so useless they cancelled 24 International flights and over 15 local flights to accommodate the Hajj and again like every year the losses for this operation will be evident. Only PIA in world airlines makes losses in a Hajj operation.
    When will the Govt install on merit at least start with the heads and lets see it flying professionally safely and profitably.

    PIA needs foreign talent to turn it around.

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