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White Lies

Bad news for junketeers this government. The prime minister isn’t accompanied by the usual posse in his entourage anymore. The previous government, on the other hand, used to be accompanied by a carnival.

Mr Sharif went to China unaccompanied but that’s ghar ki baat for the local junketeers. But it is the trips to the west that really rankles.


So a Karachi businessman buys one of the larger dairy concerns. It’s a good business, he would have thought. People are always going to want milk. And the fact that this concern is based in Punjab would bring a welcome relief from the ever-so-ghastly ubiquitous bhatta and qabza networks of Karachi.

Well, those were famous last words. Why? Because the qabza muscle heads did indeed do their thing with the plant. With the poor guy trying to get an audience with the younger Sharif, newly appointed deputy CM, to resolve his case.

Much like an American tourist dining at McDonald’s while vacationing in Italy, the Karachi businessman has to pay bhatta outside Karachi as well.