PTI objects to Hamza being CM’s ‘heir to the throne’ | Pakistan Today

PTI objects to Hamza being CM’s ‘heir to the throne’

PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry, General Secretary Dr Yasmin Rashid and Secretary Information Andleeb Abbas objected to the ‘dynasty politics’ of PML-N whereby the chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has allegedly appointed his son Hamza Shahbaz as a deputy CM. Chaudhry said that the autocratic mindset was now fully visible with the CM making Hamza his ‘heir to the throne’. He alleged that Hamza’s misuse of public facilities like the helicopter rides have been severely denting the tax payers money and now with the official powers the 90 million people of Punjab would see their money going into failed projects like Sasti Roti and Yellow Cab Scheme. Dr Rashid condemned this move by saying that such act is against democratic norms and will deprive many deserving PML-N worker their opportunity of moving up in the party. She said that this action confirmed that even on their sixth chance of coming in the government, their mindset and approach had not changed. Andleeb Abbas said that the whole Sharif family has destroyed the economy by devaluing the rupee to 110 so that the massive family assets in foreign countries could even more be appreciated. She stated that the family enterprise of the Sharif family has been busy getting their shares of business on foreign tour of PM, with sons and the brothers accompanying everywhere and no other CM of any province has ever been invited on these tours.

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