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Don’t meddle in our affairs, we won’t meddle in yours

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stated that Pakistan will neither allow any country to interfere in its internal affairs nor will it do so in the affairs of India, Afghanistan or any other country.

He was addressing a gathering of Pakistani-Americans at a reception hosted in his honor by Pakistan consulate general in New York.

Nawaz said he would raise the issue of drone strikes during his meeting with United States President Barack Obama on October 23.

He said he had raised the drone issue during a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry and had told him that the drone strikes were unacceptable.

He said such operations on Pakistani soil were in violation of country’s sovereignty and were counterproductive.

Sharif stressed that all outstanding issues with India could be resolved through dialogue.

He added that there would be peace in the region only when there is peace in Afghanistan.

Nawaz called for an end to the arms race between India and Pakistan and said that billions of dollars being used for arms be directed towards the betterment of the poverty-stricken people in the two countries.

“We are determined to improve the law and order and curb terrorism in the country. We will hold a dialogue with the militants on priority basis as an improved security will help bring investment in the country and bolster economic growth,” Nawaz said.

He said terrorism surfaced in Pakistan after 9/11 and Pakistan suffered losses of more than one hundred billion dollars due to the war on terror.

He condemned the Peshawar church attack, saying it was an attack on humanity.

He vowed to return peace in Karachi at all costs and said that no political pressure would be accepted.

Sharif said the energy crisis being faced by Pakistan was created by a dictator but added that democracy was now strengthening in the country. He assured the Pakistani community that through far-sighted policies encompassing the economic corridor from Kashgar to Gwadar, he would bring back investors to Pakistan.

He requested the overseas Pakistanis to play their part in overcoming difficulties and making Pakistan a developed country.

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