India, Afghanistan involved in Balochistan unrest: report

Investigators on the trail of insurgency in Balochistan for years have found evidence showing India and Afghanistan facilitating the insurgent organisations in spreading terrorism in Pakistan.
A report prepared by the country’s prime intelligence agency contains proof against India and Afghanistan in connection with providing facilities to the Baloch separatists as well as the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) to carry out terrorist activities in Balochistan and other parts of the country.
Sharing some contents of the report with Pakistan Today, an intelligence official said a Baloch separatist [Mengal], who was a permanent resident of Quetta and presently living near football stadium Kandahar (Afghanistan) was affiliated with the BLF and was head of the Mengal tribe in Afghanistan.
This person, he said had obtained Afghan identity card (Tazkra) and passport using fake name, Emal Khan.
Talking about his involvement in anti-Pakistan activities, the report read that Mengal was affiliated with the BLF as a representative of Brahamdagh Bugti and had got training in India to handle remote-controlled devices.
According to the report, in December 2010, Mengal visited New Dehli on fake Afghan documents and was received by Sonu – a code name of RAW handler at New Delhi airport. He was provided with a vehicle/driver and lodged in a flat in New Delhi, the report also read.
According to the report, in India he was provided with 300 sets of transmitters and receivers/detonators to be used in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and on return to Kabul, those items were cleared through customs by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) officials.
The official said Mengal was a close friend and associate of Riaz Gul Bugti (deputy commander of Brahamdagh Bugti in Afghanistan). He visited India three times for getting training in IED handling and was mostly found in Kabul and Kandahar, he said.
He said Mengal was the front man of Brahamdagh and was carrying out militant activities on his behalf while operating mostly from a Gulf state and Afghanistan.
Mengal, the report read, reached Afghanistan on May 25, 2007 and succeeded in getting an Afghan passport and Afghan identity card with a fake name.

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  1. Usman said:

    The insurgency has been going on since the 1960s in this impoverished province, which is ironically the richest of Pakistan's four provinces in terms of natural resources. It has gas, gold and copper. But the province benefits very little from these resources. It gets no royalty from gas while other resources are also silently siphoned away.
    The main thing that intuits me is that; why should India maintain 26 consulate offices along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan and Iran? The allegations that India is fanning the insurgency in Balochistan have some basis, while some officials claim there is evidence to prove Indian involvement in Balochistan and accuse India of using its consulate offices in Afghanistan and Iran as meeting places of Baloch separatists and operation centres for their terror operations.

    • Sobia Khan (Quetta) said:

      Yeah agree with Mr. Usman. India is allegedly involved in "sabotaging peace and creating trouble and instability" in Pakistan's Balochistan province and the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.

  2. Sub said:

    Many reports reported that many extremist organisations and banned outfits in Balochistan are acting on directives from abroad and with complete support and assistance from India.

  3. saifullah said:

    India has an embassy in Kabul and consulates in Herat, Mazar-e-Sharief and Jalalabad – established in response to local consular needs.
    It is false to assert there are 26 Indian consulates in Afghanistan.
    Pakistani criminal minds have made Pakistan the epicenter of international, /regional, and domestic terrorism, narcotics trade, and human trafficking.

  4. Seemab said:

    Notorious RAW is not only involved in funding the extremist groups or Baluchistan liberation Army (BLA) but also Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Such groups are working to destabilize Pakistan and regional peace. International community now should realize and stop accusing Pakistan. Pakistan is a front line state in fighting against terrorism.

  5. @yasirhunzai1 said:

    This is not 1st time, Soon after the independence of both the states, India is working a comprehensive plan to destabilize Pakistan internally. That's why India sent Sirbajeet and other RAW agents to pakistan. Their main purpose is to create Provincial cleavages, to help separatist movements and to provide weapons for culprits cum rebels. Similarly, Indians are helping BLA to challenge government's writ in Baluchistan. Pakistan has protested against Indian involvement in Baluchistan but india refused to accept. But its reality that India has facilitated separatist movements to challenge the status qao.

    • senmc said:

      As if its going to accept that it is involved in such activities whereas its funny how Pakistan accepts every accusation … No one can help the nation if its not ready to stand and defend its very purpose of its existence…everyday India violates very basic human rights in Kashmir and yet so stubbornly claims to be a greatest democrat and secular state ..These Afghans never accepted Pakistan and are traitors to their own country ,religion & to their own people…The only solution is to locate,identify and send them back and also Pakistan to get out its hand from this mess

  6. Hassan Ehtisham said:

    There is a widespread perception that America’s CIA, Britain’s MI-6, India’s RAW, Israel’s Mossad and NDS of Afghanistan are active in Balochistan. Efforts are being made to denigrate Pak military with a view to paving the way for implementing their agenda for destabilizing and denuclearizing Pakistan. The RAW, in collaboration with Afghan intelligence agency, NDS, is also actively providing covert financial and weapon support to Baloch militant groups, Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army (BRA) and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), for terrorist activities in the province. These outfits are pursuing the separatist agenda and are responsible for playing havoc with the province. “Irrefutable evidence” suggests that Baloch militants are being harboured at various places and training camps located at Kabul, Nimroz and Kandahar in Afghanistan by RAW in collaboration with NDS since 2006.
    Do NOT panic. InshAllah, Baluchistan is not going anywhere. The enemies and the traitors within cannot break away Baluchistan.

    • Nabil said:

      InshaAllah Baluchistan will always be a part of Pakistan and all its enemies will face defeat. SHAME ON INDIA. It does not have the courage and strength or the ability to face countries like China who have disgraced them in wars, economy and all other fronts. So now India is turning its bad intentions on other neighbours. Shame and Disgrace on them.

  7. Hamza said:

    Musharraf should have killed all those political oppurtunists includ sharif bhutto and cjp

  8. Hamad said:

    Couples of foreign spy agencies are acting in various parts of Pakistan. RAW, Mossad and Afghan intelligence agency are busy in different terror activities in Pakistan. Pakistani Agencies Got details regarding involvement of these agencies in Karachi Killings and Balochistan conflict, Pakistani Newspaper published report. RAW is playing leading role in Karachi Target Killings. Pakistani secret Agency found clear evidence that Indian elements are involved in terrorism activities in Karachi.
    On other hand, RAW and Afghan secret agency NDS are jointly working to feed anti-Pakistani groups. These agencies are giving Financial Assistance to Separatist parties like BLA, BLF and Baloch Republican Army.
    RAW has immense links in Afghanistan Officers and they helped Indian agency for money. RAW provides fake documents to these terrorists to send them to India, UAE and European countries.
    Brahamdagh Bugti’s close commander Riaz Gul Bugti got prepared his travel documents with assistance of NDS/RAW and presented him as Afghan businessman Ahmed Javed. He visited India to meet RAW officers and to directions from Indian officials for future tasks.
    His Fake Afghan Passport and fake Indian Passport snapshots of Riaz Gul Bugti have already been published in print media.
    He changed name as “Ahmed Javed” for Indian Tour. Pakistani Agencies have also collected data of fake social networking accounts. These accounts are running by anti-Pakistani elements from India and other countries and try to portray themselves as Baloch. There are training camps for terrorists in Afghanistan.
    India must discontinue all this interference in Pakistan forthwith and respect / accept Pakistan's sovereignty.

  9. Pakistani said:

    We all know the involvment of Indian US and Jewish agencies yet Nawaz Sharif or his sissy Ministers do not find the courage to name them.WHY? Because of family businesses.National interest does not figure anywhere .It is family and Party first. While Indian PM and President is naming Pakistan as a terrorist state our govt does not have the to respond in the same coin.

  10. LOL` said:

    an eye for eye my paki frnds…. if u continue to bleed us in kashmir we will bleed u everywhere…..even in lahore and as far as gilgit baltistan

  11. Sangram Shivaji Desai said:

    Pakistan has habit of absorbing impurity of all kind for sake of little gain be it from USA,UAE or china or afganistan.
    False sentiment of pride and honour is essential for satisfying self.In reality Pakistan is client state of USA or in its absence it will search for new suiter in is overly dependent on other countries which in turn ask for military base everywhere on Pakistan border sooner or latter.

  12. Jim Raj said:

    India involement in Pakistan matters are routine work. Pakistan must transport all his nuke in Indian border, In the event of war Pakistan must use his nuke first to destroy India. India will be divided in 2030 in 5 countries. There will be an other Muslim country, Kashmir, Khalistan and Mao.

  13. Matiullah Shinwary said:

    Jim raj->LOL
    What goes around comes around, this is what you get for interfering and destablizing Afghanistan Ishallah pakistan will be divided.

    • Aania Bog said:

      India will be no more after 2015. Hindu extremism in India leads to final dissolution of India. As Muslims and Christians are reconverting. It also strikes European World and US might they attack on India in search of Strongest economy, as US economy is all bombed in Afghanistan. The US-Indian Puppets of Afghanistan will soon realize as India occupies Afghanistan.

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