SC asks govt to present policy on missing persons

The Supreme Court has sought the government’s the policy on the recovery of missing persons by October 1.

The three-member SC bench resumed hearing the missing persons’ case on Wednesday.

During the proceeding, the chief justice said secret agencies were being accused of involvement in the abduction of missing persons.

“Why doesn’t the government legislate on the missing persons’ issue to resolve it according to the law. The number of missing persons is on the rise on a daily basis,” he added.

He asked now that a democratic government was in power, why were such issues coming to the surface? He said the government had made a task force but nothing had come out of it.

Additional Attorney General Tariq Khokhar represented the federal government in the court. The CJP asked him to present a clear policy on the missing persons’ case at the next hearing and adjourned further proceedings until October 1.

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  1. Irum Afshan Qureshi said:

    if the present government can release convicted taliban prisoners, it is their duty to find the missing persons too,after all charity begins at home! of course this is not charity but the right of the citizens who have voted for this government. ever heard of rule of law.

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