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Salman comes out for Ranbir and Katrina

A friend in need is a friend indeed – this phrase holds true for Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who always comes out in support of his friends when they are in trouble. Just when everyone in the media thought that Salman Khan would lash out at good friend and ex Katrina Kaif after watching her latest bikini pictures with current flame Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan has surprised everyone and in fact has come out in support of Katrina Kaif over her bikini pictures with Ranbir Kapoor at Ibiza. Recently, the actor, in an exclusive chat with Zoom, for the first time spoke on the Ranbir-Kat bikini picture controversy. Salman in fact questioned the reporter. “How would you feel if a picture of your sister, mother or boyfriend gets leaked in the media like this? And if you don’t like pictures of your family members being publicly leaked, even Katrina will not like it. Doing something like this in films is fine but exposing someone’s personal life publicly is not good and it’s not even media’s right.” Salman feels, that it’s very shameless to print such personal life pictures of a celebrity, “There is no harm in printing parties and public appearance pictures but exposing someone’s personal life like this is a shameless act,” Katrina, who was recently spotted at Salman’s Ganpati celebrations at his house, had written a letter to the media after her holiday picture controversy. The Dabbang star commented on Katrina’s letter to the media saying, “I feel it was intelligently written.” What’s interesting here is that Katrina’s current love Ranbir Kapoor couldn’t defend the sexy lass when it came to handling media questions on the Ibiza pictures. However, on the other hand Salman not only showed his support towards her but has also expressed his displeasure over the entire controversy.

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