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MWM calls for country-wide anti-US protests on Friday

The Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) on Wednesday denounced the role of United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries towards Egypt, Syria and Bahrain, and called for country-wide protests on Friday to express solidarity with the Egyptian, Syrian and Bahraini people.

The announcement came during a press conference by MWM Central Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir Abbas who was flanked by other party leaders as well.

While addressing the media persons, Raja Nasir Abbas said the US madness was heading towards Syria after destroying Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, so that the Syrians might be punished for their stance against Israel.

Only two strong Muslim armies, Abbas added, from Egypt and Syria were capable of countering Israel and that was the reason that the US, Israel and their Arab followers were igniting bloodshed and destruction there.

He said the US, Israel and their Arab partners had played a major role in making fall of governments in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria to punish them for not following the US interests.

Elaborating his viewpoint further, he said the present situation not only caused terrorism across these countries but also caused insult and injury to various sacred shrines and mausoleums by strengthening the terrorists and militants there.

The MWM chief also accused the US and her partners for funding and fueling terrorism across various countries, adding that major funding for Al-Qaeda was being indirectly generated by these countries.

Criticising specifically the role of Saudi Arabia, Abbas noted that the role of Saudi Arabia remained tragic and unfortunate, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had offered the US to bear all the expenditures of expected wars against the Muslim countries.

“Besides, Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim followers of the US have also offered the US to use their land, sea and aerospace against their Muslim and Arab brothers,” Raja further commented.

He suggested the government of Pakistan to oppose any strikes against Syria as well as urging the UN to play its role to prevent any destructive military campaign against the Muslim country.

The MWM leader also gave a call for peaceful country-wide protests on Friday in support of the deposed Egyptian government, as well as against the expected US strike against Syria.