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Rickshaw driver casts away daughter into Ravi

The police on Tuesday arrested Salamatpura’s resident Umer for throwing his two-and-a-half year old daughter into the River Ravi.
As soon as the news spread, various news channels carried out detailed analyses on it. Numerous religious scholars and human rights activists condemned the incident.
The report said that the father threw his daughter into the river due to severe and persistent financial problems.
Other sources said that his unfulfilled desire for a son caused him to take such a dreadful decision. The practice of disposing off daughters for fathers preferring male children has a long history in the country and still continues.
The wife of the alleged criminal, Samra, helped the police in catching him by after launching an FIR against her husband over suspicion of throwing his daughter in the river.
The police arrested Umer who confessed to his crime.
MAN KILLS NIECE FOR HONOUR: According to police, a man suspicious about the character of his niece gunned her down in Sherakot in the name of honour before fleeing from the scene.
RECENTLY DISCHARGED COP COMMITS SUICIDE: A police constable committed suicide in Kot-Lakhpat on Tuesday. The Report said that the constable, Adnan, shot himself in the head and thus ended his life due severe financial problems.
The report added that Adnan was dismissed from duty for misusing his position a few days ago.
STRAY KITE INJURES ONE: Shalimar Chowk’s Wasim, 24, was returning to his house when a stray kite’s string partially pierced through his throat and severely injured him. The victim was shifted to the Services Hospital by rescue personnel for medical treatment.
ROOF COLLAPSES CLAIM TWO LIVES: Samreen, 8, died while three others sustained minor injuries when a portion of a house in Shahdara collapsed early in the morning after heavy rain in the area the previous night. The relatives of the victims, on a self-help basis, dugout the victims from the rubble and shifted them to hospital.
In another incident, a double storey house’s roof collapsed in Chungi Amer Sidhu. The report said that three people were trapped under the debris while one woman died on the spot. Rescue personnel reached the spot and evacuated the injured and shifted them to the General Hospital for medical treatment.
ROBBERIES: A citizen, Wasim, was robbed in Gulshan Iqbal’s Mehran Block. The report said that robbers snatched Rs 300,000 in cash and a mobile phone before escaping from the scene.
In another robbery incident, robbers disguised as cable operators entered the house of one Hameed Khan in Cavalry Ground. They held his family members hostage and robbed Rs 80,000, gold, a laptop and other valuables on gunpoint before escaping from the scene.

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