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Shahzeb’s murderers get pardoned by family

  • Family purportedly accepted Rs 350 million to withdraw murder case, pardon convicts
  • Family gets Australian residential visas, to move abroad soon

The family of Shahzaib Khan, the boy murdered in DHA Phase-V on December 25 last year, has pardoned all convicts in the case after a purported monetary settlement.

Per reports, the family submitted a miscellaneous application with the Sindh High Court and informed that they have forgiven the convict who may be acquitted by the court.

They also said they did not claim compensation from families of those convicted. Father of Shahzaib Khan, DSP Aurangzaib, his mother and two sisters have submitted an affidavit in the court on July 17 and said they had forgiven the murderer of Shahzaib Khan in the name of God, the Almighty. In the affidavit, they claimed that they would do not claim diyat or qasas money from families of convicts against the forgiveness.

There were some reports that the family had got visa of Australia and would shift abroad anytime. The family of Shahzaib Khan has also been issued Australian residential visas.

However, the family of Shahzaib, which had claimed that they did not undergo any deal with families of murderer, still claims that it has not received any money. However, sources said Shahzaib’s father had forgiven the murderer and withdrew the case against Rs 250 million.

On January 7, Pakistan Today carried a story under headline Shahzaib’s father to withdraw case for Rs 250 million and claimed that a deal had been finalised between Jatoi and Talpur families and the father of Shahzaib Khan.

Per details of the deal, it was claimed that the father of Shahzaib Khan would forgive the murder of his son against Rs 250 million and withdraw the case. The story also stated that Shahrukh Jatoi would surrender himself before the law enforcement agencies and DSP Aurangzaib would also get special favour in police department.

On January 13, Shahrukh Jatoi, the prime accused in Shahzaib murder case surrendered himself the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai. On January 21, the Sindh government transferred and made him in-charge driving licence of Clifton branch with immediate effect. It may be pertinent to mention that the DSP Driving Licence Branch Clifton is said to be most attractive post for a DSP rank officer in Sindh Police.

The saying could be proved from the fact that former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza appointed his nephew Azam Mirza to the post after assuming charge of his office.

DSP Azam Mirza, who was later promoted to the rank of SP, occupied the office of In-charge Driving Licence Branch Clifton for three years until his uncle Dr Zulfiqar Mirza resigned from office.

On June 07, an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) handed death sentences to Shahrukh Jatoi and co-accused Siraj Talpur in Shahzaib Khan murder case. On June 11, Shahrukh Jatoi has challenged his conviction in the Sindh High Court (SHC).

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  1. pakone said:

    Shame on the justice system, shame on Shahzeb's family, and biggest shame on the feudal landlords of this country. Shahzeb has really died today and Shahrukh has just shown that a wadera's son can get away with murder, rape or pillage openly without fear of repercussions. Congrats Pakistan for creating a real S(*^t hole. Keep on harping on fake religion. This country deserves this.

    • Ali said:

      Not only wadera, but all of powerful people can not be hanged in Pakistan.

    • Amber Naz said:

      You shouldn't judge anyone when you r unaware of the truth. Perhaps, Shahzaib's family was compelled to do so or money worth more than justice for their dead son.

      • hasham said:

        ya i am also ssaying that we all dont know the truth behind the scene
        ho sakta ha in kharamzadon ne kitna majboor kia ho un ko aisa karnay k liye aur hum apnay garoon main baithay hoye batain kar rahay hain

  2. Ali said:

    Shame Shame Shame Shahzeb,s Family and his father and wadera shahi culture

    • @uroojfardos2 said:


  3. TARIQ MEHMOOD said:


  4. khan z said:

    Almost everyone’s corrupt and a big lier in Pakistan. Two face scum bags all over and every where. Research and u will see his dad was DSP…lol…he just gave a new swift to his son haa….so how many of u think a honest DSP in pak makes enough money to give gifts like cars. Wow. Now he got his favorite post as clifton driving licence incharge. They all need to be hung. All u youth who are angry go home and look around. See wht ur dad do for living. See his pay ans see how much he spends and how much bribe he takes. U all are scums.

    • ali said:

      @khan z
      idhr sab bakwas kar rhe hain aur shahzeb ki side le rhe hain jab mai ne ye suna ke pehle mai ne b dil mai shahrukh jatoi koi gali deen, lekin jab uski family ne maaf krdiya kher maafi wali deal to dhamki se b hoti hai lekin jab mai ne ye suna ke uske abbu police walai hain aur wo b itni achi post ke police officer to phr mai ne same yahi soja jo apne comment kya nice nice khan z love u bro,,, idhr sab andhai hain comments se hi andaza horha hai ye qom kesi hai add karna mujai

  5. m rashid said:

    agar is tarah qatlon ko muaf kar dia jae tu hum pakistan mein aman qaim hone ka khuwab hi de sakte hein.

  6. m rashid said:

    yahan par paisa hi sub kuch hai yahan insaan ki koi qeemat nahi
    shame shahzaib family

  7. farzana said:

    why shame on shahzaib family…it was biggest loss of their life and they have right to decide,,,we all cant imagine of pain they have suffered or still suffering…

  8. Kamar Elfis said:

    agar unhe koi dard hota tou wo us k qatil se us ki qeemat le k usay muaf na krte agr aisa hi krna tha tou itni dair drama krne ki kya zrort thi…………..

  9. Asif said:

    All of us will die one day,Any wadera couldn't get one day extra from his life.If they took money,it suits them.No wrong words I believe should be passed for Shrukh family.Its a system that brought him here and a sentence
    to death was passed almost nut again fate.

  10. Tania said:

    Just look at the face of shahrukh jatoi out of jail all laughing and showing victory sign is a big slap on justice and big kick on the faces of Shahzaib family. Shame on Shahzaib family for making this deal.your son above must be very proud for his parents.and for jatoi u will get what u deserve in afterlife.will your father s 250 million work there too????

  11. msheen qureshi said:

    Shahzaib family must be under tremendous pressure, first they were fighting for justice when they got justice they were happy and now suddenly they have pardoned the murderers. there is something wrong we must not abuse them please.

  12. mubashir syed said:

    if shahrukh jatio and all his friend are not hanged neither punished for 20 years in jail, then my group of friends decided to kill them accordingly. Jatios and Talpurs save your children. if you wadayras purchase justice in this way then we do justice in our way. guys if they are not hanged literally then our sisters and daughters izzat will become hanging every day.

  13. Ayshah said:

    Shahzaib's family was forced or threatened by the feudals. May Shahzaib gets the justice and ALLAH send His curse on jatois and Talpurs. We still cant empathize the grief of the victim's family.

  14. yasir awan advocate said:

    shahzaib murder case will be a historical case in pakistan because acuused were charged in ATA court and sentence them to death penalty . according to pakistnai law all offences under ATC trail are not compoundable, where in this regard the Quita high court has already given a judgment in 2012 on this isuue of compromise in ATA offences that offences of ATA are not compoundable if in this case the offence is componded then new law going to be settled. in my oponion this happening will cause good effects in the judicial system of pakistan.

  15. malik tanvir said:

    bare maarty rhein gy aur victory sign dkha kr maqtool ka mazaq
    aur ghareeb midlle class yun he marty rhein gy.

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