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Big-mouthed Miley calls paparazzi the ‘C’ word!

Tell us how you really feel, Miley Cyrus. It’s not unlike the pop singer to speak her mind, after all it’s her mouth she can say what she wants to (as she so kindly reminds us in her track “We Can’t Stop”), but Cyrus took it to a new level today when she called paparazzi the C-word. And we didn’t have to wait for an aggravated shutterbug to spill the beans. Miley shared the news herself on Twitter after it happened. “Just called this paparazzi a C—T. So before he makes breaking ‘news’ out if it. Ill just say it. Ha-Ha #C—T,” Cyrus wrote. And there you have it. But it wasn’t all just fighting words on Twitter for Miley today. The celeb also shared some cover art and a photo for Mike Will Made It’s upcoming single “23,” which she’s featured in along with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. Miley first hinted at the collaboration shortly after her headline-making VMA performance when she tweeted a photo of her squatting while wearing a two-piece outfit emblazoned with Michael Jordan’s name and his famous number, 23, from the track’s music video shoot. Mike Will Made It told MTV News that he decided to put Miley on the track last minute, after she spontaneously hopped in the booth and “killed it.” “I already had Juicy J and Wiz on there, and then we were working on ‘We Can’t Stop,’ and I had a verse on there that was already laid down, but I wanted a girl to do it, but I didn’t know who I was going to do it with, and this was my first day meeting Miley, and we had just knocked out ‘We Can’t Stop’ and then I let her hear it, and she told me she liked it…She told my engineer, ‘Turn the mic on,’ and she went in the booth, then she laid down the verse, and she killed it. [So I] left her on there. She killed it, all swagged up.” The single “23” will be released on Sept. 10.

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