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Lahore police display laudable results in August

The Lahore Police showed excellent results during August by arresting 132 accused individuals belonging to 48 gangs while tracing 107 cases against them. More than Rs 4.7 million was recovered from the gang members while 1,977 POs and CAs were also arrested during the same period.
According to details, Operations DIG Muhammad Tahir Rai directed the Lahore police to utilise their full energies to curb crime in the city and to arrest the criminals involved in different unlawful activities.
On this direction, all divisional police personnel increased their efforts against criminals and showed excellent results during August.
During the period 414 cases were registered against 415 accused individuals on possessing illicit weapons and the police recovered two Kalashnikovs, 16 rifles, 28 guns, 347 revolvers and pistols, seven daggers and 1,972 bullets from their possession. During action against drug dealers, 370 cases were registered and 338 culprits were arrested and nine KG 119 gram heroine, 71 KG 573 gram chars, three KG 105gram opium and 3,541 bottles of liquor were recovered from them. Moreover, 89 cases were registered against gamblers and more than Rs 300,000 were recovered from 331 accused individuals. A special crackdown included the registration of 290 cases against 409 culprits who had violated the law.

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