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545 ‘dangerous’ madrassahs under the watch

The Punjab government will enhance the monitoring of seminaries which are strict in their religious viewpoints for which the Home Department has prepared a list of 545 seminaries.
According to reports, out of 10,434 madrassahs across the province, about 545 seminaries were involved in sectarian extremism via preaching stringent religious viewpoints. Additionally, about 28 of these seminaries were placed in the A-category (the most dangerous seminaries).
Moreover, 255 seminaries were in the B-category while 262 made it to the C-category.
Multan housed 96 seminaries including 11 extremely dangerous ones.
Three of Lahore’s 26 sensitive seminaries were included in the A-category.
The Home Department directed the police and other law enforcement agencies to rigorously monitor all the sensitive seminaries. Action would be launched against the seminaries after secret agencies submitted their reports on them, the reports revealed.

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