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Kamran’s father asked to file statement to register new FIR

The Supreme Court on Monday asked Kamran Faisal’s father to furnish a written statement that he wanted to file a new first information report (FIR) in Kamran’s murder case.
A two-member bench, comprising Justice Tsadduq Hussain Jilani and Justice Amir Hani Muslim, also sought written standpoint of Kamran’s father over the inquiry conducted by investigation team and DNA report.
During the course of proceedings, Aftab Bajwa, counsel for Kamran’s father, apprised the court that he did not accept the investigation team and inquiry conducted by them.
He informed the bench that his client filed an application to the police to launch new FIR while citing the example of Ghinwa Bhutto case in which court allowed filing a new FIR.
He also showed his displeasure over the medical board and said that of 15 nine samples were provided to the petitioner.
He also said that his client did not have any intention to be the part of current investigation in his son’s case as he did not rely on them.
Bajwa said that Kamran was probing the Rental Power Plants (RPPs) scandals and one day before his death he submitted his report in the NAB.
On Justice Muslim’s query, KK Agha, NAB prosecutor general, apprised the court that report was furnished by Kamran Faisal and after that Investigation Officer Asghar Khan signed it.
Later, the bench while directing Kamran’s father to submit his written statement warned him that it would be his last chance to file a reply and adjourned further hearing for two weeks.

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