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Well, talk of Pakistan’s crumbling state owned enterprises and derelict infrastructure appears bullet points in PowerPoint presentations. But at the recent pow-wows between the government and the South Asia wing of the World Bank, the visiting, um, world bankers got a taste of the whole shebang themselves when the government functionaries that the national airline was supposed to be ferrying from one city to the next somehow managed to throw the whole itinerary out of whack.

The prime minister’s recent speech was replete with poetic flourish and rhetorical splendour. It was written by a writer-advisor of his, a journalist based in Lahore.
All well and good, this. It is standard practice all over the world. Even the pathologically articulate Barak Obama had a speech-writer. But the premier’s speechwriter, a regular on the talk show circuit, also took it upon himself to be effusive in his praise of the said speech!


  1. Tariq said:

    The PM speech writer was decorated on14 Aug!. People look for deeds done, not words spoken, for they have lost faith and trust in almost everybody.

  2. Raju said:

    Why not discontinue with E Edition online, if you cannot update it. This White Lies is over 2 weeks old

    • Mani said:

      Is PT afraid of reader feedback, or does this harm its pro business policies, by not updating White Lies on E-Edition, or not giving space to Editor' s Mail.

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