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Missing persons issue has aggravated, says Balochistan CM

Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Malik Baloch has acknowledged that the missing persons issue has aggravated in recent days in Balochistan and he will convince Baloch separatists and religious extremists to come sit across the negotiation table.

Talking to BBC on Friday, he said issues of recovery of charred bodies of Baloch people from Karachi and missing persons were the biggest challenge being faced by Balochistan.

“This issue has escalated since the last seven to 10 days,” he added. “I am putting this issue before provincial assembly to debate over it for two days, analyse it and find solution to this problem,” he said.

He went on to say that Balochistan was facing multi-faceted problems ranging from political instability, targeted killing, sectarian violence and separatist movements.

“These are the biggest challenges and I am striving to take all of them on board but I have not succeeded to make any achievement in this regard,” he said.

Baloch said, “I don’t want to shift the burden [of missing persons] to someone else as it is domain of the federation.”

He said he was endeavouring to resettle Bugti tribesmen and would work together with the federation and security agencies in this connection.

“We have political as well as economic problems and they are interlinked. I can talk to the federal government and the responsibility lies with it to unite all the forces,” he added.

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