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TTP, Ansarul Mujahideen warn against hanging Dr Usman, associate

Two banned outfits, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Ansarul Mujahideen, have threatened to target to two high-profile personalities of Punjab and the federation and carry out suicide bombings in FATA against government functionaries if Dr Usman and his associates are hanged in Faisalabad jail per schedule on August 23.

A note sent to the media by the TTP spokesman said a squad of suicide bombers had been constituted and if Dr Usman, the main accused in the GHQ attack case, was hanged, two key figures of the PML-N would be targeted to avenge the deaths. “Homes of prominent PML-N leadership will be attacked immediately in case of execution of Dr Usman and his associates,” the note said.

“If they are hanged, the leadership of the PML-N will be made target of revenge, juts like we targeted the ANP leadership,” the spokesman warned.

“Dr Usman is our mujahid and we would never let our mujahid be hanged,” he maintained.

Similarly, Ansarul Mujahideen also warned of carrying out suicide attacks against government functionaries in Tribal Areas in case Dr Usman and his associates were hanged.

Ansarul Mujahideen spokesman Abu Baseer told media over phone from an undisclosed location that they would carry out a new sting operation of suicide attacks if Dr Usman and his associates were send to the gallows.

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  1. javed said:

    we should not be afraid of these inhuman and terrorists people. what they have done good so for in the country. catch them and hang them in the city squares

  2. US Centcom said:

    They have no remorse for killing thousands of innocent Pakistanis, but they have the audacity to threaten the government of Pakistan on planning to execute their criminals. To make matters worse, they regularly claim responsibility and boast about the killings. We must let these extremist organizations know that we will not bow down to terrorism. We must stand united against those who pose a threat to the safety of our nations. We stand by the government of Pakistan and fully support their efforts to counter these homegrown militants.

    Ali Khan
    DET, United States Central Command

    • Showkat Islam said:

      Ali Khan …..Who are TTP……………..none other then victims of War on Muslims By USA and Pak Army …..What u r Expecting from them ?

  3. Shehzad said:

    This is is ISI my friend, Hijacking democracy and spreading terror on its own country People. Taliban does not know any strategy, behind them is a bigger force.

  4. Rashid said:

    Don't be surprised if the government 'honours' their threat!

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