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Nawaz seeks draft of counter terrorism strategy

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday reiterated his resolve to fight the enemies of people of Pakistan, directing Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan to present the final draft of counter terrorism strategy on August 13 in the light of earlier discussions and consultations on the subject.

In a detailed discussion with Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan regarding recent incidents of terrorism in the country, including Thursday’s attack in Quetta, Nawaz expressed his deep sorrow and grief while condemning the ghastly acts of sabotage and murder of innocent Pakistanis.

The prime minister saluted the courage and commitment of the law enforcement agencies across the country and asked the interior minister to extend all help to the families of the martyred and injured.

During the meeting, the prime minister also eulogised the services of DIG Fayyaz Sumbal and all those who laid down their lives in the line of their duty and added that their blood would not go in vain and the perpetrators of the blast would be brought to book at all costs.

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  1. Tariq said:

    NS can't make anti terrorism policy. He wants to support all terrorist organisations as his brother is officially funding leshkar tayyaba, using tax money of people of punjab.

    • sahmed said:

      Oh boy, these brothers are some thing else. I thought they are only in money laundering and tax evasion. Eid mubarak to all and may Allah the most merciful make it easy for all – Ameen.

  2. Cobrajock said:

    This goofy has been clamouring for a draft. He does not have the brains to even give guide lines or the authority to call an APC on the subject. He has to be got rid of or else Pakistan is doomed.

    • sahmed said:

      You need to wait for 5 years to get rid of him in the next election. What can i say about him except that " you can only reap what you sow " . Eid Mubarak to all and may Allah make it easy for all of us- Ameen.

    • Lazim said:

      Difference between Nawaz and Zardari. Zardari may be corrupt but he politically capable at least. Nawaz is politically incapable as well as corrupt. Imran Khan is neither corrupt nor politically capable

  3. Anon said:

    An Executive Summary:
    'Goofy' discussed with 'Rubber Ducky' and asked for the draft …

    • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

      Listening to Nawaz Shariff remind s me of Shakespear (MACBETH)"" Knock knock who knocks?" Sir It is the terrorists. Wait i am not ready yet to face them—-I have deputed the interior minister to talk to them . He is in hiding. Nawaz talks, talks but there is no substance. Pakistan is burning while he is looking for water! Please Mr. PM act.

  4. blank said:

    Blank words isn't enough peoples are tried of daily lifting bodies of their loves ones and leadership not seen series to tackle enemies funded terrorists.

    • Dr.M.M.Khan said:

      It is not .enemies who fund the terrorists. It is us. We are .our worst enemies.

      • sahmed said:

        Most unfortunate that the politicians who support these activities won the election . Remember the saying " you reap what you sow ", that is what is happening Eid mubarak and may Allah protect us all- Ameen.

  5. Fiaz said:

    Its a tragedy the strategy should have been formulated earlier when he was leader.
    Its a shame he is just making orders. An agent of the imperial class who knows only business and has no administration skills;

  6. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    I have always maintained that Nawaz was electable but would not be able to lead. Being a leader needs other qualities than just buying loyalties. He should have done his homework before coming to power. The problems are not new. The inexperience of the administration is showing through and through! We need muscle power rather rather than verbal diarrhoe. How can you function with three portfolis in hand?

  7. Chacha Sharif said:

    This is rich coming from a guy whose party includes members who actively support throat slitting murderers such as Lashkar Jhangvi. Give LJ member Rana Sanaullah the boot first to show the masses you have changed. Terrorism will thrive when our morally bankrupt and sleazy politicians are in bed with these murdering savages.

  8. Lazim said:

    Difference between Nawaz and Zardari. Zardari may be corrupt but he politically capable at least. Nawaz is politically incapable as well as corrupt. Imran Khan is neither corrupt nor politically capable.

  9. Shahbaz said:

    What strategy? You could not replace the longest serving (13 years) sindh governor who has seen 07 PM and failed badly to control law and order in karachi.

  10. Shahid said:

    It means the goofy made all kinds of promises before elections without having the slightest idea how will he fulfill them. This tree planted by Zia is a tragedy. Zia was thrown down from the sky 25 years ago and still we are facing problems of his policies.

  11. Akhter said:

    Mian Sahib, August 30th is too far, you don’t have 30 minutes. You need to take action now. Declare war against terrorists and order armed forces to finish the job in one week. If Generals don’t obey your orders, dismiss them all and give command to junior officers. When policy will be formulated then the draft will rake another 3 months or so to the final recommendations, and may be another year to get ready for implementation and so on. By that time TTP will be firmly entrenched in Islamabad.

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