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Incestuous brother rapes 8-year-old sister

Two rape cases recorded in the provincial capital on Thursday included a woman’s gang rape in China Scheme and a girl’s rape by her brother in Dholanwal.
A mother of three, Humara, 27, was en route to meet her sister in China Scheme when five men, namely, Maratab Ali, Akthar, Arif, Wasim and Amanat kidnapped and took her to their Dera where they raped her.
Reports said that Humara ran to the Hadarah Police station when she got the chance. The police arrested the criminals after filing an FIR on victim’s request.
Another rape case was recorded in Dholanwal police station. According to the report, a 20-year-old boy named Zafar raped his real 8-year-old sister Alisha.
Reports said that Zafar found his sister alone in the house and raped. He was caught by the neighbor’s woman, Salma, who caught him red handed.
The Nawakot police reached the spot and arrested Zafar on Salma’s request. The report added that Salma was being threatening to take back the case.

MISCREANTS KILL A MAN WITH POISONED TEA: As per details, two miscreants gave intoxicated tea to an unidentified man and murdered him in a local hotel situated in the area of Data Darbar. The report said that when the man was knocked unconscious after taking the tea and people started to gather around him, the two miscreants escaped with his valuables.
After the incident the Rescue 1122 team reached the spot and shifted the unidentified man to the hospital, where he died.

CRACK DOWN AGAINST UNAUTHORISED SECURITY COMPANIES: The Punjab Interior Department will launch a crackdown against security guard-providing companies which are not authorised by the agencies.
A report said that many unauthorised security guards deployed in several government and semi-government departments and banks, might be the cause of bank robberies and terrorist attacks. According to the details, more than 300 security agencies collectively deploying 70,000 security guards were performing their duties across the city.
According to the rules, no security guard would be appointed without being identified by the special branch.
The Home department gave orders to the special branch to identify the security guards, the report said.
According to the agencies, many security guards appointed in banks and other departments lacked proper identification which could be the reason behind several ‘big incidents’.
The agencies reported to the Home department that the Mustang, Askari, Fenix, Shahzad and 26 other security companies had deployed many security guards in different departments without proper identification. The Home department had resultantly issued warning letters between May 1 and September 2 to these companies to verify their employees.

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