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Celebrations marred

  • Terrorists strike policeman’s funeral in Quetta, DIG, DSP, SSP among 30 killed in massive attack

Tragedy struck the troubled capital of violence-marred Balochistan province on Thursday when a suicide bombing ripped through a funeral congregation arranged for a police officer and his family at Police Lines.

DIG Operations Fayyaz Sumbal was among at least 30 policemen killed in the massive bombing, which left more than 50 others severely injured. Several of the wounded were said to be in critical condition.

The blast took place just before the funeral prayers of SHO City Mohibullah commenced at the Police Lines mosque. He was killed and his four children and driver injured in a firing incident in Alamu Chowk.

Around 300 to 400 people, including DIG Operations Fayyaz Sumbal, Balochistan IG and Quetta CCPO, were in attendance at the funeral.

While the DIG operations was killed on the spot, the IGP and CCPO survived the attack.

The injured were rushed to CivilHospital and CMH Quetta.

An eyewitness said the deceased included SSP and DSP-level officials, while sources said SP Anwar and DSP Headquarters Shams were among the dead.

Police sources said the explosion, which appeared to be a suicide blast, contained between eight to 10 kilogrammes of explosives.

The blast was the second targeted attack on Thursday on police personnel in the provincial capital, which has been under high security the entire day.

SHO Mohibullah was shot dead by unknown gunmen earlier in the morning in Killi Almo area while he was reportedly taking his family for Eid shopping.

Eyewitnesses said fear and chaos spread among the people in attendance at the funeral following the loud explosion.

“All my colleagues are gone. The DSP, SP, DIG… they’re all gone,” said one emotional official reduced to tears.

It was unclear how many senior police officials were killed as authorities were yet to determine and disclose the identities of all victims.

No militant group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing, which was one of the worst attacks on police personnel in the violence-hit provincial capital.

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  1. Eddie said:

    For the love of God…when will the Muslim world do something to stop the violence that is being perpetrated against other Muslims?…how can anyone believe that committing these atrocities is doing work for God?…

    • Ali said:

      This is what mullahs are preaching as a way to Jannat. To control this terrorism, all mullahs should be hanged.

      • sahmed said:

        If they are hanged, they might go to Janat and who the hell wants to have them as neighbors.

  2. Tahir Baluch said:

    I thought it was a funeral.

  3. abbas said:

    in this cesspit called pakistan, the graveyards are not even safe!Even in third world countries , the law enforcement agencies are more efficient , than in this bandit country!The impotent provincial administration, if they have an ounce of self respect left in them should tender their resignations.Speeches, inquiries and statements given to media, will not bring the departed loved ones back.SHAME! nawaz has done a lot of talk talk talk in the last three months, now let us see him walk walk walk

  4. akram k said:

    pakistan name change to bombistan..they loves bombs

  5. Chethan Kumar, India said:

    Dear Brothers/Sisters
    It is very shame on humanity. All the people of sub-continent are inter related with blood relation. You peoples are like our younger brothers. Why these type of harm to the humanity. At the end of the day it is quite clear that we are not in the position to attain our goals by making these type of horror on the humanity…..Please let the arms and come on with open mind. Share your thoughts to bring peace on earth……

    • Desi from Lahore said:

      I feel your pain and understand what you are trying to say here.We are one people,there is no need to hate and kill,it does not change anything except bring more hate and blood.But unfortunately these barbarians will continue to brain wash some people and continue killing.Whats really scary is that they kill their own everyday in Pakistan,so killing in other countries is no big deal to these hell bound people.But I tell you Kumar,there are plenty of Indian and Pakistani's living here(USA) in peace,we have no issues with each other,we respect each other,thats how its suppose to be.Saturday we are having EID get together,most people attending are Indians,what does that tell you.

  6. bestessay said:

    Content of the answer must be good in exams. Students should write down accurate English. There should be no grammatical, spelling or any other technical errors. They must write down the content in organize way.

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