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RAW duped jihadis into killing Hafiz Saeed’s security chief

As India accuses Pakistani border forces of killing five soldiers at Poonch sector of the occupied valley, Pakistani security agencies have unearthed a network of India’s premier intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), in Lahore which was plotting to assassinate Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, founder of the banned jihadi outfits –Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Jamaatud Daawa.

The plot was revealed during investigations into the gruesome killing of Khalid Bashir, the chief security officer of Hafiz Saeed.

New Delhi has long accused Saeed, the JuD chief, of fomenting terrorism in India. He is also a prime accused in the deadly gun-and-bomb attacks in Mumbai in 2008, resulting in a $10 million bounty on his head by the US government. However, senior Pakistani officials say that Saeed is helping in de-radicalisation and rehabilitation of former extremists and that official security is being provided to him because he could be targeted by militants who disapprove of Saeed’s cooperation with the government.


Intelligence sources told Pakistan Today that the plot to assassinate Saeed and his close aides was hatched in Dubai allegedly by a RAW agent identified only by one name – Vinod.

The sources said that RAW engaged two local jihadi activists through an unidentified Pakistani handler for the job.

“On May 15, 2013, Khalid Bashir, a 42-year-old father of seven, was abducted from Lahore by Zafar Qayyum and Bilal Ahmed Cheema, both of whom were enlisted by RAW during their jihadi operations in Afghanistan. Bashir’s body was later found from the Upper Chenab Canal in Sheikhupura on May 17. The body bore multiple torture marks and bullet wounds,” said the sources.

Revealing details gleaned from the two men during interrogation, the sources said that Qayyum and Cheema were assigned the task by a Pakistani handler who told the men that “Bashir was an Indian agent and was working against the interests of JuD”.

Bashir was associated with the JuD for over 25 years and was counted among Saeed’s close aides. His mysterious killing had shocked Saeed and other members of the banned militant outfit as he had thwarted several assassination attempts on his leader and was responsible for coordinating every movement of the JuD chief.

Bashir’s family had told police that the deceased had received a phone call on the night of May 14, and the caller had invited him for a dinner meeting the next evening. When Bashir did not return home after that meeting, his family approached the JuD leadership. Meanwhile, an unidentified caller informed the family that Bashir had been kidnapped.

An FIR No. 346/2013 was registered with Lahore’s Harbanspura Police Station under Section 365 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) but later Section 302 of the PPC was added to the FIR when Bashir’s body was found from the canal.


Taking note of the sensitivity of the case, an intelligence agency obtained the call data records of the deceased which showed that the call he had received came from a SIM card which allegedly belonged to the RAW handler. Two other numbers traced from the SIM card record led to the arrests of Qayyum and Cheema.

Intelligence sources said that during the course of surveillance and call data records, Pakistani agents noted that Qayyum and Cheema were in frequent contact with each other, particularly after Bashir’s killing. It was also learnt that the two men were residents of Gujranwala and had been driven to Lahore for the job by their handler.

During interrogation, Qayyum and Cheema revealed that their handler, who used a fake name, had dropped them off near Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital on May 15, after setting a meeting point with Bashir.

“According to the arrested assassins, their handler told Bashir he wanted him to meet two jihadis and brought him to Jinnah Hospital from where they boarded his car. The handler offered intoxicated juice to Bashir who fell unconscious after only a few sips. Qayyum then shot at him with a pistol and the men sped away to Sheikhpura with the injured man,” said the sources.

According to the assassins, they did not know the identity of the deceased until they read news reports about his killing.

Inspector Syed Imtiaz, in-charge investigation of Harbanspura Police, told Pakistan Today that the two suspected killers had been given in their custody for further investigation. “Qayyum and Cheema have been shifted to jail for identification,” he said, refusing to go into details.


According to the intelligence sources, detailed investigation into this plot revealed that the Indian spy agency had spent Rs 5 to 6 million on Bashir’s killing, which they said was a test case for the ultimate trophy – Hafiz Saeed.

They said that the RAW handler had disappeared from the scene after Bashir’s killing and it was believed that he had escaped to Dubai soon after culmination of the operation.

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  1. Mr. I Wish said:

    I Wish the Intelligence agencies and Police had acted with same alacrity in apprehending fanatics of TTP and LeJ who have spilled the blood of thousands of fellow Muslims!

    • charlie said:

      atleast make the story spicier! boring same old RAW story….

  2. Anon said:

    This is definitely a better way to use the Jihadis …

    • Varun said:

      Return of your deeds is unavoidable, pray to GOD for guidance not for saving.

  3. Tolerant Neighbor said:

    As an Indian, reading this fake news
    I would say if the Agent Vinod existed
    in reality (other than the bollywood tamasha)
    and he really did what you claim he did,
    I AM RPOUD on behalf of 1.2 billion Indians

    But Lo ! its just a fake news, 🙂
    watch "Agent Vinod" in YouTube.

    I also conclude the fabricators of this
    sound byte is so uncreative and
    unintelligent that he/she could not
    come up with some original name
    but a borrowed bollywood name.

    You guys are SAD INDEED.

    • marios said:

      all nautanki drama.they cannot extablish truth or any findings of numerous killings and bomb blasts happening in pakistan,how come they find out its RAW operation.all blatant lies and deceit.

    • Adam Smith said:

      Obviously, this is fake news. First they said this guy's "body bore multiple torture marks and bullet wounds". Then they say he was shot as soon as he entered the car.

      When was he tortured? Did they 'torture' his dead body?

  4. Tapos said:

    Politicians and so called intelligence agencies. If only the people of India and Pakistan can get rid of them the two countries can live in harmony.

  5. Andy said:

    Good going vinod have to eliminate terrorist like these but dont kill Hafiz indian public will take care of him

  6. Jaydeep said:

    I'm really glad to see comments of my brothers..

  7. Aisha Mohamad said:

    This is a big joke ….borrowing names from Hindi movies …attributing capabilities where none exists….well carry on story teller

  8. Aditya said:

    A plot by pakistan itself to distract the world from ongoing issue of killing indian soldiers by pakistani soldiers.

  9. An Indian said:

    I am very happy that our neighbours also want peace so do we. I would request all my peace loving friends to put pressure on the govt to stop funding such terror outfits.. It will save loads of money on both the sides which can be used for public welfare.. As all this money spent is our hard earned money which is going wasted. Let Peace Prevail everywhere & we enjoy Misbah vs Dhoni instead of ISI & RAW…

    • abdul said:

      i think india baghal me chure munh me ram ram india kisi bhiNeighborhood contry ke sath acha nahe nipal srilanka bangladesh chaina pakistan yeh dushman he aman ka dushman peac ka dushman india pakistan ka kabhi dost nahe ho sakta wo aman ki asha par pakistani peopl ko confus kar rahe he or indian media pakistan k khilaf nafrat bharka raha he kio india k andar he hi nafrat so you all Neighborhood contry we want unit aganst dog india

  10. Nick said:

    So think about this for a minute.

    All it takes for a couple of random jihadis (or is random Pakis?) to kidnap, torture and kill someone is an allegation that the target is an Indian agent. That's a lot of hate right there.

    And maybe a bit of money – we are talking about PKR 5M, which is about USD 50k all inclusive (i.e. including "agent Vinod" and the handler and whatever else). A great deal for RAW,if this story is true.

  11. ranja said:

    hahaha.. Agent Vinod, that was so genuine 😉 Also the article says the sim no. turned out to b the agent's. As if, while filling the subscription form he gave his occupation as raw agent. And if he has already sedated him with spiked juice, y shoot him and attract attention, y not just tie him up.. Just like a hindi movie script, flaws and little logic.

  12. Jindi said:

    All these Hindu Indian replies LoL, Cant Take Facts.

  13. akram k said:

    this news is comedy but the fact is pakistan dangerous place on earth ,terrorist capital ,international migrane and begging nation have export quality of terrorism,,a country full of terrorist ruled by terrorist,,future iraq..or somalia..each and everyday suicide bombers r blasting there..religion killed that country..

  14. Yasin Malik said:

    Wow!!! RAW is that much capable now….???
    Anyways Hafeez will be strangled in India.. like Kasaab for his deeds…
    Everything will be in justice … Not like this… We dont want him to be a martyr !!!
    He is a terrorist… So his end will be like a terrorist…
    Hanged till death…
    Souls of deads are waiting for him, for a revenge!!!

  15. Farhan said:

    I salute hafiz saeed he is our hero and we want more brave people like him who is doing his job perfectly and Indians can’t find any proof against him we don’t want peace with India neither Indians do this is something saying like seeking the impossible so we are happy isolated

    • Avisek Joarder said:

      Please do a proper reason on the So called Hafeez and call him a hero, if killing innocent pple is called heroism then i would love to wrap a copper wire arrounf yr neck and kill you , if that help me become a hero

      • asif said:

        Not killing any innocent peoples. He is just killing indian army who killing innocent kashmiris and also doing attack on pak army at control lines.

        • NAZRUL ISLAM said:


  16. bvsprasad said:

    they could come across only one raw agent name …inspired by bollywood movie…agent vinod….lol

  17. al! ButT said:

    india to kuch be nah! kr sakta pakistan ka goof hafaz

  18. Indian said:

    I would like to see RAW disintegrate pakistan to smaller pieces. They succeeded in doing so in case of east pakistan. I would like to see 3 more pieces of pakistan. It is in the interest of the world 🙂

  19. Sangram Shivaji Desai said:

    In fact a Good story, write detailed script and send it to mr mahesh bhat he will make good steamy movie out of it that all pakistani can watch on pirated CDs brought from roadside.

  20. raman malvia said:

    i am proud of my RAW as they are real heroes and i wish i could be one of them to die for my country

  21. indo man said:

    I am surprised, RAW can do such job. in pakistan

  22. true indians said:

    indians not speaking >they did their work sliently and proofing their talents withiout tom tom by true indians

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