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Initial report on Shalimar train blast released

The initial probe report into the Shalimar train blast was released on Tuesday.
According to the report, an improvised explosive device was planted in the roof of a washroom which led to the deaths of three passengers and caused more than two dozen injuries.
The report claimed that the terrorists responsible boarded the train from Faisalabad, adding that they had been identified.
Meanwhile, a case regarding the train blast was registered in the Chatyana police station.
Sources said that after the explosion, a stampede ensued when panicked passengers tried to get away from the carriage which caused further injuries to several other passengers. Rescue teams rushed to the location and moved the bodies and injured to Toba Tek Singh District Headquarters hospital.
Sources added that the Shalimar Express operators had received terror threats in July via a telephone call by unknown miscreant from an Afghan phone number.
The callers had demanded payment of money in return for the train’s safe journey. They said the matter was brought to the notice of the Railways minister and secretary, who took it very seriously and that the Intelligence Bureau later traced the telephone number to Afghanistan.

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