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Monsoon rains damage Mohenjodaro ruins!

Torrential rains have badly damaged the historical ruins of Mohenjodaro.

The Department of Archaeology has declared an emergency within the department and closed the Mohenjodaro site to the public and media representatives.

According to sources, rain water entered the site’s DK.G area due to the negligence of officials concerned and two walls of the premises collapsed.

The northeastern sector of the Mohenjodaro ruins is termed as the Dk.G area.

Water seepage in the ruins is harmful for the site as it is already in a deteriorating state.

The Archaeology Department has started work on the site and is using electric pumps to extract flood water.

Culture Secretary Saeed Awan said the government had already issued funds for the restoration of Pakistan’s “cultural treasure”.

He said the government was working on an emergency basis to save the Mohenjodaro site.

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  1. Ali Hyder said:

    there is not a vestige of truth in this news report about damages to Mohenjodaro site by last day 15mm rain showering.

  2. Irshad Ali said:

    It seems that this news item has been prepared at home without going through the site so this is ludicrous and fabulous as well as incredible due to less velocity of rain .

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