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Monsoon agitates Ravi, embankments being built

Against the local met office weather forecast for the provincial capital on Sunday morning, torrential rains lashed the city and its adjoining areas overnight, turning the weather pleasant, however several low-lying localities in the city were flooded due to heavy rain and roads were submerged under rainwater causing much inconvenience to the citizens.
A low flood level in River Ravi was reported after which the district administration have started building temporary embankments to respond to emergency weather situation.
Flood Forecasting Division (FFD) has issued low-flood warning at River Ravi at Shahdara catchment areas. In the flood warning, FFD said that presently 35,000 cusecs of water was passing in River Ravi at Shahdara, while a massive water flow was expected during the next 24 hours.
While the flood took the toll on many gypsies residing in tents alongside Ravi, the FFD has warned all to evacuate catchment areas at Ravi to avoid damage during a possible flood approaching.
According to FFD, due to heavy rain in upper and other parts of the country, water level has increased in the rivers. It said a medium-flood was recorded at Chashma in Indus River and at Nowshera in Kabul River. The Indus River was flowing in low-flood at Tarbela, Kalabagh, Tonsa, Guddu and Sukkur and in Ravi at Shahdara.
According to Met Office forecast for Monday, the weather will remain partly cloudy and there are chances of rain with thunderstorm. The weather forecast further says that the recent rain spell will continue during next 48 hours.
It further says that seasonal low lies over west Balochistan and adjoining areas. Monsoon currents from Arabian Sea are penetrating into most parts of the country.
The district administration has put rescue teams on high alert while the residents of Shahdara, Ravi Road, Gulshan-e-Ravi and Sanda are directed to remain vigilant.
Most of the adjoining areas of the city were severely hit as standing water on the roads and streets entered into the houses, while markets were inundated without any immediate help and rescue from the city administration.

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  1. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    Why local administration allowed innocent people to construct houses near the Ravi catchments as the constructions of these houses are very dangerous during the rainy seasons and cause a tremendous property as well as casualties losses to the local inhabitants.What our local governmental departments are doing? The eyes of the government open when there would be a great lose.Before any bad thing happens,the local authorities must start thinking for the solutions to avoid any disaster.

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