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Man kills grandfather for gambling house away

In a shocking turn of events a man killed his grandfather on losing a five-marla house in gambling and buried him in the courtyard of his house.
The police were informed on Sunday that Arshad and his 70-year-old grandfather Arif went missing.
The police started a search mission for them. In the meantime, Arshad told his family about the murder.
The police recovered the body buried in the courtyard and sent it for postmortem.
According to the police, the grandfather had lost a house via gambling that infuriated the grandson and resulted in the murder.
The accused is on the run and the police are conducting raids to arrest him.

ROBBER KILLED IN LAHORE FIRE EXCHANGE: A robber was killed while two of his cohorts managed to escape after the exchange of fire with police on Sunday.
According to Noulakha police, three armed robbers stopped a car near Misri Shah’s Noor Masjid. The dacoits looted cash, mobile phones and other valuables purchased by for Eid-ul-Fitr and fled from the scene.
On information, police chased the looters and encountered them in Misri Shah’s Steel Market.
The dacoits opened fire at the police party and one robber was killed in retaliatory firing while his accomplices managed to escape with the looted valuables.
The body was shifted to hospital and identified as Babu Shehzad from Shahdara.
According to Noulakha police, cases against Shahzad for dacoity, murder and kidnapping were already registered in the Shahdara, Hafizabad and Pindi Bhatian police stations. They have a huge gang which has previously been involved in numerous encounters with the police including one the previous month on Hafizabad motorway, where one police officer was killed due to the gang’s firing. Police expect to soon apprehend the escaped dacoits.

PHP RECOVERS ILLICIT ARMS, ARRESTS 9 CULPRITS: The PHP arrested Gojra’s Bilal Khan s/o Juma Khan and recovered a 222 bore rifle, three magazines and 57 bullets.
A 30 bore pistol, one magazine and six bullets were recovered from Gojra’s Nawaz Hanif s/o M Hanif, a 30 bore pistol and six bullets from Faisalabad’s Yasir Habib s/o Habib Ahmed, a 30 bore pistol and four bullets from Okara’s Khadim Hussain s/o M Tufail, a 30 bore pistol and three bullets from Gujrat’s Abid Hussain s/o Khadam Hussain and a 30 bore pistol and three bullets from Gujrat’s M Rizwan s/o Mohammad Saddique.
Another 30 bore pistol was recovered from Gujrat’s M Ali s/o M Akram, a 30 bore pistol and six bullets from Gujrat’s M Waras s/o M Alam and 50 Grams chars( drugs) from Attock’s Umer Javaid s/o Javaid Qureshi.PHP found cotton worth Rs 10, 000 unattended along the road.
The PHP team traced out the owner and handed the cotton over to Sargodha’s Abdul Razaq s/o Altaf and found an unattended handbag with Rs 6,000. Its owner, Hafizabad’s Nasir Ali s/o Zakar Hussain was handed back his bag too.

THREE DACOITS ARRESTED: South Cantonment’s Investigation Police arrested three members of a dacoit gang.
Cantonment Investigation SP constituted a special police team under the supervision of Cantonment SPO which arrested Babar alias Bhabhi and two of his accomplices, Yasar and Imran.
The police also recovered two stolen motorcycles, cash, mobile phones and illegal weapons from the possession of the criminals. The police have already traced many cases to the accused in various areas of the city.

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