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Katrina trying to forget Salman Khan

With Katrina Kaif going strong with her new beau Ranbir Kapoor, the pretty actress is trying her best to bury the past and concentrate on her future. It is for this reason Katrina is doing away with everything that reminds or associates her to Salman Khan.
It is alleged that Katrina is selling off her black SUV that was once gifted to her by her former beau Salman. She has already found a buyer for her car but is keeping mum about the deal as she is avoiding any attention. The luxurious car was allegedly gifted to Katrina last year on her birthday by Salman. At that time they were in a relationship and Salman used to shower Kat with love, praise and gifts. However, with Salman out of the picture, Katrina is doing her best to get over her past and concentrate on her rosy future.

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