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LESCO installs 130,407 new electricity connections

The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has a streamlined system of providing electricity to its customers and is considering its socioeconomic importance in this regard.
LESCO installed 130,407 new electricity connections during the fiscal year 2012-13. Out of these, 115,464, 10,690, 2,150 and 2,098 were domestic, commercial, industrial and tube well connections, respectively.
Furthermore, directly supervised by LESCO’s chief executive officer (CEO), the company’s anti-electricity theft campaign is also in full swing.

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  1. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    A good record of 130,4,7 electrical connections to consumers had been given by LESCO is a good sign,but how much LESCO has got revenue is much lesser ,then the staff of LESCO have got and as a result this achievement is not good for the Department,but very decent for the staff,who even does do do the genuine work without any BAKSHEESH..it is not a wonderful progress for LESCO.but may much attractive and financial benefits for the staff concerned.How the general public is being looted is remarkable trend..This is why load shedding is being exercised on the helpless nation of Pakistan.When we will get rid of this RED-TAPED OFFICE ROUTINE IN ALMOST EVERY DEPARTMENT OF PAKISTAN .THINK AND DO SOME REMARKABLE INVESTIGATION WHY PAKISTAN IS BACKWARD?

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