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No coordination between CDA departments

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to ensure effective coordination between its departments responsible for ridding the green belts of vehicle parking and issuing completion certificates to commercial buildings.

It has been learnt that completion certificates to government offices, owners of commercial plazas and educational institutes lacking parking spaces, is being given out without collaborating with officials responsible for evacuating vehicles from green belts. This has resulted in people parking there vehicles on green belts due to lack of available space.

A chaotic situation is expected to develop as CDA has provided no alternative parking solution. It will result in traffic jams during rush hour with people parking on the main roads. CDA seems to have ignored the security issues as well connected to parking on the road sides.

The civic authority should issue notices and warnings before implementing the drive and make sure that no such buildings are made functional in the future. It should also ensure that all commercial and public buildings should have sufficient parking space available before granting completion certificates.

Government offices in the federal capital will suffer the most as these offices accommodate a huge number of visitors every day. CDA should come up with a revised strategy and maintain effective collaboration with its departments in order to make the drive effective.

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