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PEMRA bans ‘indecent’ condom ad

Following scores of complaints against a TV advertisement on contraceptives, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Tuesday ordered all TV channels to immediately stop its broadcast.

In a letter written to the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA), PEMRA pointed out that the advertisement was generally “perceived as indecent, immoral and in sheer disregard to our socio-cultural and religious values.”

“Airing of such immoral advertisement on Pakistani channels and that too in Ramadan warrants serious action,” PEMRA spokesperson Fakharuddin Mughal said.

PEMRA argued that regardless of public complaints, the content of the advertisement contravenes not just the PEMRA Act 2007 but also the constitution of the country.

As a result of this order, the PBA has directed its member TV channels against airing the advertisement.

Josh condoms are marketed in Pakistan by DKT International, a US-based non-profit organisation that works to promote family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention in the developing world.

The 50-second advertisement stars model and actress Mathira as a newlywed bride who makes a neighbouring couple jealous by pampering her husband who uses Josh condoms.

Talking to a private TV channel, Mathira said it is a normal advertisement and had nothing immoral or vulgar. She added that she is being told that the advertisement will be back on air in a few days.

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  1. @FawadKhalid said:

    I was first one to complain about this ad to PEMRA , i would like to praise PEMRA for their services and showing their concern to help better the society.

    • Naseem Arshad said:

      Good Job.. Keep it up. My kids are shamed of all ads and Fashion Shows on all SELF PROCLAIMED MUSLIM PAKISTANI channels that they call " PAKISTAN- A MUNAFIQ NATION ON THE PLANET".. Shame on the government , pakistani muafiqeen who do not speak out….and media involved the big dirty game against Islamic cultures and values.
      Again all best for you.

    • Imtiaz said:

      I really appreciate your effort bro….. May Allah bless you..

  2. Hassan Nasir said:

    What's indecent about 'THANDAA' or 'Mathira'?

    • amba said:

      ask your mother or sister to dress like her if she is not indecent.

      • Laal_Haveli said:

        yes, lets ban all the ads since they are anti islamic..producing like rodents is an islamic act and also HIV/STD's are islamic acts too…good job!

        • sherazi said:


          The most obvious reason for HIV/STD's is not following islamic teachings

      • Hassan Nasir said:

        Well, lets just not be personal @amba…the point is, there is much more indecency and vulgarity in other ads…keep yer eyes open and think : ) #Sarcasm! And make a note, never point your fingers to anyone's family, tis good for your own health!

  3. @DrImranKhan said:

    These NGOs are nothing but Imperialist controlled agencies for spying and destroying our culture like they have done in the west. They want to slow down the rising Muslim population. So they put hormones in vaccines and make children specially boys infertile.

    • Muhammad Asad said:

      Are there any cases regarding this kind vaccines? It is possible. I disagree with your second point because we should reduce population as majority of people do not get sufficient food and their standard of living is very low which increases crimes and people start wrong doing, yes if you can fill your and yours family's stomach then its fine.

  4. fakhra said:

    muslims are producing 11 children with full nudity where is islam and hya in muslims???

    • Guest said:

      You means muslims should produce 11 children without full nudity????..Then you'll be happy?? What problem do u face, if some1 is having more children and some1 is having less?

  5. HUSSAIN said:

    Good effort to ban such evil raising promotions of TV Channels. In past few years PEMRA has banned TV Channels airing full nudity in night times, but still it is observed. This regulation should be audited daily. Women in Dramas/News anchors do not hide their upper part of body with dupatta and use sleeveless shirts to show their glamour, making severe sexual harrassment and offense to children and families that open the channels un-intentionally. PTV is also included. PEMRA should charge billions rupees fine to such channels and stop our nation to get spoiled.

  6. Kamran said:

    All I want to say is **** you Pakis you hypocrite bunch of morons. Seriously I'm ashamed of being born in a country like Pakistan where people happily watch indecent Indian movies and dramas but very open to criticise our own content.

    And yes you Pakis will discourage use of condoms anyways as you'll give logic that Allah will provide irrespective of the number of kids you have.

    • unansweredum said:

      Okay Kamran as long as hypocrisy is concerned, you seem to be the biggest hypocrite who is criticizing citizens of his country due to a difference in opinion. And as long as Indian dramas are concerned, they don't contain vulgarity though movies do. Its upon the people what to watch and what to not. A movie does not run on screens 24/7 whereas an advertisement does. Indian movies are not accessible to every citizen whereas this commercial ad would be, so stands no comparison.

      Yes! As long as avoiding children due to poverty is concerned, it is discouraged. But so is marriage. You cannot marry until and unless you can earn adequate for 2 persons. So if you are actually marrying in the first place with what Islam has said, you won't face all that difficulties. Plus there are natural methods to avoid pregnancy.

  7. Akram Shah said:

    It is very bad that this ad is banned there is nothing vulgar in it. Even if they was, so what? what ever people watch in the privacy of their own homes is upto them. The state has no business in it. People are dying everyday and all the authorities are concerned about are condoms Lolz frustrated fools 😀

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