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Almost married! Pitt touches down in France to finalise wedding plans

They originally said that they wouldn’t get married until it was legal for everyone. And now that the Supreme Court has overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, it seems that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally making plans to tie the knot. Brad Pitt touched down in France on Wednesday morning, reportedly to meet with the couple’s wedding planner and finalise the arrangements. Hollywood’s most high-profile couple, who held off on walking down the isle while Jolie recovered from her double mastectomy, are said to be in the final stages of arrangements.
A source from Brignoles, near the couple’s Miraval vineyard estate, told X17: ‘The rumor around town is that Brad and Angelina will finally have their wedding. Local shops have been contacted for some supplies and they finally finished construction on their property.’
And 49-year-old Brad certainly looked like he was on a mission, striding through the French airport with purpose on Wednesday. The star, who had jetted in from LAX, wore the same khaki outfit that he’d boarded the plane in, looking low-key in a tight T-shirt and cargo pants. And the purpose of his whirlwind trip to Europe is said to be to personally plan the logistics of what is set to be the biggest A-list wedding in years.
But while the couple are still rumoured to be tying the knot in their French chateau, they have reportedly been making enquiries into the possibility of wedding on board Scottish ship, The Hebridean Princess. A source told The Sun: “It was Maddox who came up with the idea of the ship. He came across it after looking back at photos of the Carnell Estate in Ayrshire, where they stayed and all loved. ‘So now they’ve made enquiries into booking the whole vessel.’ The A-lister showed off his impressively toned torso on Tuesday as he left LA , dressed from head-to-toe in khaki. Brad has been in Los Angeles researching his latest movie – Fury – a World War II film which he will start filming this autumn alongside Shia LaBeouf.

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