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Darwat Dam to irrigate 50,000 acres land

Concrete-packed rock filled Darwat Dam, which will cost Rs 8,732.128 million, will help irrigate a command area of 50,000 acres, extendable to 80,000 acres of surveyed and un-surveyed barani land.
According to an official of Ministry of Water and Power, a major component of the project will be completed in three years. The dam will conserve flood water of Nai Baran for irrigation and development of 50,000 acres of cultivable land, with an efficient irrigation system.
The project will promote socio-economic development in remote areas of Sindh. Initially an area of 4,756-18 acres of Chak No 7 and 13,258-16 acres of Chak No 8 of Deh Kohistan had been surveyed, and temporary plots had been carved out by the Directorate of Settlement, Survey and Land Record, Sindh.
To a question, he said that the dam would have a projected life-span of 100 years, with height, length and top of 141,738 and 30 feet respectively. He added that the dam would have a storage capacity of 119,546 acre-feet with 32,283 and 87,264 acre-feet for dead and live storage, respectively.
The project has been initiated at an estimated cost of Rs13.5b and will take 30 months to complete.