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All hail Ramadan! Mamta Kulkarni converts to Islam

Former Indian actress Mamta Kulkarni has accepted Islam it was leanr recently. She converted and is currently living with her husband ‘Vicky Goswami’, who has already converted to Islam. Mamta Kulkarni got married on 10th May, 2013 and is living in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband. The Indian Bollywood actress, of the ‘Ghatak’ fame was arrested by the UAE police in 1997 in drug smuggling case. Vicky Goswami was sentenced 25 years in jail, but released in November 2012. His conversion to Islam was the main reason of major reduction in his punishment. Mamta Kulkarni got married with Goswami, when he was in jail. She was managing her husband’s hotel business during his imrpisonment. She was in a relationship with Goswami and got married in 2013. In the 90′s Mamta Kulkarni took the film industry by storm. She worked in Bollywood movies for almost 11 years, and after that she left the showbiz and Indian film industry. She has over the past few years rejected numerous film offers from several directors and producers. The adamant actress has however promised to stay aloof of Bollywood owing to the commandments of her new religion.


  1. malik said:

    good story and decision of Mumta made him back in the religion of truthfulness….

    • asfaq said:

      She and vicky are converted and all those so called were been converted before…..and many others will be later…own blood …bleeds always…here or there…
      one day the farce will be ended ….with no man land.

  2. usman ahmed said:

    welcome sis to islam, may Allah bless u all the happiness in life.

    • Jayant Patel said:

      Yes carry on drug taking and Islam will accept that

  3. @QayyumKhan50304 said:

    Thanks 2 Dr.Sahab & DAWN 4 sharing this Faith refreshing News. Earnest prayers & Sterling wishes for a Spiritually Fulfilling Ramadan to the Converted Couple.

  4. kdp said:

    His conversion to Islam was the main reason of major reduction in his punishment. –
    Now you know the reason of conversion!!!

    • Innocent said:

      Destiny for 72 virgins and 28 gilman. You are brainwashed for sure.

    • Readers said:

      Don't worry, she told that she never converted, nor she ever married, just 1 week ago.

  5. Gaurav said:

    I don't understand public happiness over a very private/individual matter. How does a particular religion guarantee heaven or hell to its followers. Actions (or Karma) matter more than religion (or Dharma).

    • MCB said:

      agreed with Gaurav. You can see the extremism in Pakistan.. where people believe in religion but not in humanity. Everday dozens of people got murdered in karachi alone apart from terrorist suicide blasts etc.
      this prove the insecurity of great religion called islam.

      • Nadir Parmar said:

        Well if you're talking about Pakistanis so let me tell you brother, those who're doing murder, blasts & other crimes they didn't belongs with any religion, because non of religion even teach us to lie so how could you say that they're Muslims who never shiver while they murder or blast.
        I invite you to come in Pakistan stay with me & then you'll come to know how much hospitality Pakistanis provides to their guest.

      • Haider Sethi said:

        Well if you're talking about Pakistanis so let me tell you brother, those who're doing murder, blasts & other crimes they didn't belongs with any religion, because non of religion even teach us to lie so how could you say that they're Muslims who never shiver while they murder or blast.

      • Haider Sethi said:

        Well if you're talking about Pakistanis so let me tell you brother, those who're doing murder, blasts & other crimes they didn't belongs with any religion, because non of religion even teach us to lie so how could you say that they're Muslims who never shiver while they murder or blast. – See more at:

  6. ethicalman said:

    another example of force converstion…Vicky was sentenced to 25 yrs imprisonment but buy converting he could save his even u’re a non muslim and murder someone in Arab state by converting you are set free..

    I reminded of Iqbal grandfather Rattan Lal..who was caught some emblezzenment of revenues to Afghan Lord..his punsihment was deat or converstion..He became muslim..

    this is an ever ending save a life ppl converted frm Indian sub continent…

    • Jayant said:

      Yes carry on drug taking and Islam will accept that

    • Jayant said:

      Does that mean if Ratan Lal had died instead of converting there would have been No Pakistan!

  7. Niraj said:

    what a farce. both have converted just to be able to live. and all muslims here r happy that they (in effect) forced someone to convert.

    • Aamir Malick said:

      No one can be converted forcefully,they converted because they knew reality of religion.I request to come into islam,this is only true religion

    • mudassar sandhu said:

      but why are you jealousy to see someone like that and it is their right whether what she like to do. nobody can stopped them to do that

  8. BetelQ8 said:

    One can notice all the negative comments posted are by Hindus, which show their inner self. Agree for a moment that Goswami reverted to Islam, just to have his term reduced. But now he is a free ma for quite some time. Had his change of soul been for this reason, he could have reversed after being a free man and flying out of UAE. In the case of Mamta, she did nit have any such compulsion, and has surely reverted by choice.

    • Guest said:

      Islam is a religion of intolerance & pomposity..Muslims are obsessed with a way of worship to the God..Mera tarika tere tarike se sahi hai…All ways and methods of worship lead to God….All faiths lead to God…unfortunately Islam apparently deals with demographic aggression…quid pro quo like some business…Tu Islam qubool kar tereko Katl , Daka , Rape maaf…this is ridiculous…Muslims are obsessed with the Arithmetic of religion…

    • pradeep said:

      Mr Betel I can give u an example of reverse conversion from Hindu to Muslim and then from Muslim to Hindu where there was no such compulsion of getting the term reduced it was of Dharmendra and Hemamalini who converted to Islam because he was not permitted to second marriage as per Hindu marriage act so he converted to Islam and after getting marriage reverted back to Hindu. You remove the compulsion that Mr. Goswami will not be punished further if he reverted back to Hindu ,hewill surely convert back to Hindu.

  9. adeel said:

    Yes, I agree its a personal matter and should not be exploited.Saying that islam is insecure just cuz ppl are being killed in khi is as rediculous a comment as anyone saying girls getting brutally raped and killed in every part of india shows how sick mined hindus are. That’s called hasty generalization.

    • @Varoon7 said:

      Muslims are slaughtering around the world, OBJECTIVELY is that a hasty generalisation?

  10. balachandran said:

    can one disown one's mother and father. changing religion is similar to deserting one's parents. she had not understood Hindu religion. she will not understand Islam too.

    • sahmed said:

      Balachandran, let her do, whatever makes her comfortable, it is obviously being a muslim.

  11. Nazia said:

    Zee Media Bureau

    Mumbai: Controversial actress of the 1990s, Mamta Kulkarni, who lived a life of anonymity after a doomed career in Bollywood, is making news once again.

    The lady has reportedly married drug mafia Vicky Goswami, who was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1997 in Dubai. However, he was released in 2012, on the grounds that he had transformed into a better human being.

    Goswami is believed to have converted to Islam, during his jail term and had a Nikkah with Mamta, who was handling his real estate business.

    An international publication has been following this case very closely. An article published in the aforementioned paper read, “A life sentence in Dubai is in effect 25 years, but prisoners can apply for early release on various grounds. Apart from good conduct, these include learning to recite passages from the Qu`ran or converting to Islam. To strengthen his clemency appeal, Goswami converted to Islam and was married according to Islamic rites while incarcerated.”

    Allah nay banai jorri

    • Desi from Lahore said:

      You wouldn't know anything about a jorri Nazia,you are too hateful and negative,no one in their right mind would be stupid enough to marry you

    • Readers said:

      This was rumor, she discarded it already, and also said that she never married anyone either, a week ago.

  12. sagar said:

    I think he didn't converted to Islam with his heart n inner soul just bcos he find benefit in his reduction of punishment .Is dis the Law of UAE that just in the name of Islam converting people to Islam? all people should be treated equally.Today the world has gone so far people are just using religion for there benefit my friends…

  13. alqasim84 said:

    God bless her if she embraced Islam, the religion of peace

  14. Raj said:

    Mamta Kulkarni was any way a loser in Bollywood. She deserved to get converted into a religion that barbaric, spread so much hatred and pretends to be a religion of peace

    • Arjun Singh said:


      • Anon said:

        Reality check …
        Good slogans don't buy you the day …

      • Raj said:

        Just ask those Shia's who get killed by Sunnis. Feeding the poor? Being kind to your neighbor? I guess you have got good sense of humor. If not then you must be a Sunni Muslim.

  15. Aisha said:

    Another criminal converts to islam. Islam does attract the people from the dark side

    • nasir said:

      Correct.Islam do attract people to the right path and this is all required which no other religion can give.

    • manzoor said:

      Yes, Islam attracts people from the dark side; when they are totally disillusioned by the dark they come to the Light of Islam

  16. abc said:

    islam is a religion, like any other. to be muslim does not mean pakistani. she turned muslim congratulations

    • Jayant said:

      Not true. No other religion requires that anyone marrying into their religion has to convert to their religion only Islam demands that

    • yad said:

      Islam is not like any other religion.

      Forced conversion, as far as I know, happens only in Islam.

      For a non-muslim to marry a muslim, there are only 2 options. Either 1. convert to Islam or 2. Face threats to life.. Many Islamic countries discriminate against their non-muslim citizens. This is a fact. But on the other hand, they are horrified and express violent protests when fellow muslims are at the receiving end.

      Many don't believe in justice for mankind. Only in justice for muslims. For all they care, the non-muslims can go hell!!

  17. Kevin said:

    It doesnt matter in which religion they were born into and into which they coverted to.What matters is wheather they will lead a life of good deeds and intention.From the look of it they both are not the kind of persons who will be doing any good deeds and both their life is evidently full of sins.So in that way I would say Hinduism is cleansed of this sinners and let Islam carry their cross of their sins.

  18. vivek said:

    you all Muslims are producing terrorist all Muslims are born terrorist. Indian population is also increasing day by day because of illitrate Muslims 10childrens in a family.nothing to eat but always keep bamboo of Islam in their *ss

  19. vivek said:

    and I totally agree with Aisha well said above I appreciate your thought

  20. aroup chatterjee said:

    Islam like other religions has millions of drug peddlers and criminals:one more won't make a difference

    • Raj said:

      I have a theory: Only losers convert to Islam. And once they convert they have got good excuse to settle score with those people who were better than them!!

  21. Chabha19 said:

    May Allah shower his blessings on you. We are happy that you got out well and unscathed by the law of the land. I am sure that's what all my Muslim brothers n sisters meant. And by the way, if they were peddling drugs , and of any of your kids got caught in such things……. Would ou still wish them well. Comeon guys….

  22. Desi from Lahore said:

    There we go again,let the judging begin.Its Ramadan people,at least wait 28 more days before going back to yourselves of being the good muslim judges you are.One question though,how does it effect any of you whether its legit or a sham???

  23. amit said:

    Yaaron, kya farak padta hai…agar koi khush hai to achchi baat hai…hindu,muslim india pakistan..4 din ki zindagi agar tu tu main main mein nikal jaani hai to kya fayda aisi life ka…have fun kulkarnis, be happy…and god bless all…

  24. Jayant Patel said:

    If this carries on in this way, in hundred years all Muslims will be ex-convicts.

  25. Rohit said:

    Goswami and Mamtha once jail release has been secured you can convert back to Hinduism. And nobody can do anything about it. Good and smart move by you two.

    • R Rai said:

      Rohit bhai if they leave islam they will be killed that is wha it say's in quaran & hadees

  26. Rahil said:

    there s wide misconception about islam.How can u judge islam by the act f som thm antisocial elmnts.And about the convrsions to islam, see the recent sensex report f uk..the fastest growng relegion s islam n britain.

  27. muhammed Ashfaq said:

    its the truth of islam
    muhammed Ashfaq

  28. Muhammad Younus Butt said:

    Good News.But they must act with the real Islamic spirit and must adopt Islamic teaching properly. Though it is their personal matter, but Islam is very simple and international religion of peace loving.

  29. riyaz ahmad said:

    this is not only the time of happiness…. but the most important here is to learn about their back ground and their present…this would provide gd lesson to oour non muslim brothers…… i pray to allah " after converting to islam oh allah bless the couple in this wrld and day of judgement…… ameen

  30. Realness said:

    Hindus are the biggest keyboard warriors. I’ve never came across any Hindu in my life who has been proud of their faith openly. My Hindu friend hides his holy book when he reads it in public so people won’t insult or think different of him. I’m talking about here in canada. Hindus don’t greet each other saying namaste or religious greetings publicly out of fear or lack of pride. Before u criticize us muslims on the net, teach your kids to be proud of what you are and not to be afraid and soft. Step your game up Hindus, man up.

  31. Namaste said:

    you are stupid, Realness. maybe you need to meet more people in your life, again. you moron

  32. arjun said:

    Wtf, they shud sattle in pakistan then..wat dey doing in hindustan…once modi ji came, dey wil catch all d men eaters rat nd throw away frm hindustan…vande mataram

  33. Rajib Das said:

    I am Sure ,she has taken benefit for reducing punishment of her husband. she has not converted from soul.

  34. Arshad Ali Khan said:

    will is she Mamta kulkarni Fasting now in Ramadaan

  35. Nasir said:

    Islam is a way life from darkness to light.Raj should read about islam and he'll come to know that Isalm is barbaric or humanic.Secondly he will also come to know whether Islam is a religion of peace and harmony or hatred like other man mad religions of the world.May God bless Raj with correct knowledge.

  36. Zeeshan kk said:

    Allah apko hamary pyar Aaqa hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.W) ki sunaton per amal krny ki tofiq ata farmaye. Aameen

  37. Zeeshan kk said:

    ap yaqeen kren k mujd bht khushi hoe ap ny islam qabol kr lya mubarak ho apko apka muslim name kya hy?

  38. Farid Shaikh said:

    Islam Haq He Chahe Batil Kitni Mehnat kere Islam Puri Duniya Me Phel Kar Rahega!!

  39. dosana said:

    good ,and now she is a pious women and she also go to the haven after her death if she not change her religion .inshallaha.

  40. Adnan Khan said:

    I am seeing very child comments from both Muslims and Hindus.

    It's up to her whatever religion she follows in this worldly life, but there is no portion in hereafter for those who follow anything other than true Islam. (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله) (lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muḥammadun rasūlu-llāh) There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God

    Respect and disgrace is in the hands of God (Allah), we can't judge people, we can only give the message rest in the hands of God (Allah). If she chose Islam as her religion then it's her choice and congratulate her for her choice, because is a natural religion, it doesn't judge people. In-fact when a person accepts Islam his past sins are forgiven and he enters it like a new born babe without any sins.

    Those who are bad mouthing Islam must NOT judge the religion of Islam based on the act of few extremists. Islam is a monotheistic Abrahamic religion, Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) is not only the 1st human being, he is also the 1st prophet of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last prophet of Islam.
    [There is a misunderstanding or misconception that Islam started by Prophet Muhammad]

    Muslims believe in and worship God as the one and only one God (same God in Christianity and Judaism) called Allah in Arabic (even in Arabic Bible version God is written as Allah). Muslims have to worship Allah in Islam. Unlike Hinduism which has range of God and Goddesses, even male sexual organ is worshiped by Hindus. The strict caste system in Hinduism is a breeding ground for human trafficking in India and Nepal. Comparing to Hinduism, Islam is the religion which treats the humans equally irrespective of their race, color or creed. Islam teaches Muslims to respect other religions and their followers.

  41. Zeeshan Ali said:

    Oh that's a news to me… and that is such a good news to me.. She has converted to the religion of peace. May Allah Almighty keep her protected from all social ills and the couple lead a happy life… Aameen!

  42. farzana said:

    Toba toba, real muslim/hindu/christian to unko kahiye jo doosron ke welfare ke liye sirf baat kare ya sonche hi nahin balki work kare. agar hum apne se jyada doosro ke bare mein work karen to duniya jannat hogi. UNKI BAAT KYA KARIYE JO APNE FAYDE KE LIYE APNA IMAN KYA RELIGION BHI CONVERT KAR DALE, mauka mile to maa baap bhi badal dale.

  43. zeeshan akram said:

    i am very happy of your storey .i prayr for u .allah ap ko humasha khush rakha

  44. Shiv said:

    Islam is the Religion of Crime so if you are criminal go to Hell or go to Pislam .

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