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Reconciliation only way to bring peace in Afghanistan: FO

Pakistan has said reconciliation is the only way forward for bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan.

At his weekly news briefing on Thursday, about the reported closure of Taliban office in Doha‚ Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said there were many challenges in the reconciliation process and Pakistan had always called for patience and perseverance to settle the Afghan issue.

He said all stakeholders should be engaged for the positive outcome of the reconciliation process.

On the recent spate of allegations levelled by the Afghan authorities against Pakistan‚ the FO spokesman said Pakistan did not want to “raise the temperature” and wanted peaceful relations with the neighbouring country.

“We want to see a united‚ peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan and hope that our sincerity will be reciprocated,” Chaudhry said.

Asked about Pakistan-China civil nuclear cooperation‚ the FO spokesman said this was an ongoing cooperation and the two countries were collaborating in this sphere under the IAEA safeguards.

On relations with India‚ he said the government had given a clear signal for improving relations with New Delhi.

Emphasising the need for resumption of composite dialogue process‚ he said the prime minister would visit the United Nations General Assembly and in case the Indian prime minister was there‚ “we will try to engage at the leadership level”.

About Pakistani prisoners languishing in Indian jails‚ the FO spokesman said both countries had exchanged lists of prisoners on the first of the month. “We have called upon the Indian government to release those prisoners who have completed their due process.”

On the situation in Egypt‚ Chaudhry said Pakistan had fraternal relations with the country. “Pakistan being saddened over the recent happenings there, has stressed the need for respect of values of democracy.”

He hoped the people and the government of Egypt would be able to handle the issue in a democratic manner. “Our mission is in close contact with the Pakistanis there,” the FO spokesman said.

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