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Corps commanders discuss national security

The top military brass on Tuesday discussed in length various issues related to the security of the country at the 162nd Corps Commanders’ Conference, including deliberations on the developments in Afghanistan, Doha peace process, the proposed talks with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and All-Parties Conference (APC) convened by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on evolving a consensus national security policy.

The Corps Commanders’ Conference was held at the General Headquarters with Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Kayani in the chair.

Though an official handout termed the conference part of routine monthly meetings, the timing of the meeting is critical.

“The forum dwelt at length on various professional matters. The meeting also under took a comprehensive review of prevalent internal and external security situation of the country,” the official statement added.

A source told Pakistan Today that the military leadership deliberated upon the government’s proposed draft on national security policy which is set to be shared with political leaders during the PM’s convened APC.

“The army leadership resolved to fight out the menace of terrorism and safeguard the country’s frontiers against all odds,” the source added.

The source said the meeting also took stock of military operations in Tirah valley and North Waziristan, adding that the meeting expressed its satisfaction over the achievements and advancements of the forces in these areas.

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  1. DualNational said:

    They get together, laugh, joke, drink and party and then make a statement that all is well and Pakistan army is ready to deal with any threats. I am sure there was a statement that Pakistan army is prepared and ready to deal with any threats before the OBL raid also. How ready were they? Foreign forces came deep inside of Pakistan, stayed for three hours, killed a few people, looted the house, destroyed the remains and went back unharmed and undetected. Present military leadership is by far the most incompetent ever in the history of Pakistan. Thank you kiayani for making Pakistan army the laughing stock of the world.

    • Desi from Lahore said:

      These generals you spoke off in a negative manner weren't always generals,they earned that rank,they worked years upon years,protected your sorry _ -_ _ so you can live.Know the truth,know the facts before you open your useless and unappreciative mouth and blame the army or the military in general.Did you know that the Pak air force did respond but were told to stand down.You want to blame someone,blame the government you morons had elected at the time.Americans did what was important to them in order to protect the people they serve.May be you should look into who all knew it in the government before you start pointing fingers.How many civilians go out there and help the forces to protect the people of Pakistan??? thats what I thought,

      • DualNational said:

        Desi, don't take it personal. I am only pointing out the facts. These Generals take an oath to defend the country from enemies external and internal. They have failed to do so. They have misled the nation into believing that Pakistan army is stronger than what it actually is. They have never ever won a single war that they engaged in. They have been tasked to keep law and order in certain parts and they have failed to do so. For a foreign force to come in and stay for 3 hours is a pretty long time to go undetected. Not a single shot was fired by Pakistan army. Pakistan army's job is to "protect and serve". They do neither. They are rewarded very handsomely for their job. If it was performance based, they'd be starving. Civilians don't go out and protect because they didn't sign up for it. Military did. Instead of getting all emotional, debate the issue with me on merit. By the way, I, myself come from a family of military (mostly retired now) officers.

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