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South Punjab police fail to recover nine colleagues in robbers’ captivity

Police of nine districts of Southern Punjab have apparently failed to recover nine cops held in captivity by robbers in Rojhan tehsil of Rajanpur district.

While taking notice of the issue, senior officials called police of three districts and ordered them to launch an operation against the robbers for recovery of the security men in Kacha Jamal area.

Police continued their operation for more than 16 hours and fired hundreds of bullets without planning and strategy and ultimately failed to recover their colleagues from the captivity of the robbers.

The Dera Ghazi Khan DIG and DPO Rajanpur also have contacted tribal chieftains and influential political personalities for the recovery of abducted cops.

The culprits had taken nine policemen hostage early on Sunday while they were on duty at Kacha Jamal checkpost.

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